Yes We Can: United States Declared “Enemy of the Internet” With Iran, North Korea, and Other Bad Actors

Another historic first for President Obama et al. They must be proud of the bang-up job they have been doing on the First Amendment and the rest of the Constitution.

During the remainder of his term in office, we can’t wait to move forward to the internet, press and other freedoms so enjoyed by el Presidente Maduro in Venezuela.

NB: When last I checked, the YouTube video embedded at the link was unavailable to anyone with a United States IP address. Neither, I understand, has anyone with a U.S. IP address been able to watch the same video embedded in an article at the Al Jazeera English language website. There is, doubtless, some good and innocent explanation. I just have been unable to find it.


President_Barack_Obama 1-foam-finger We previously discussed the rapid drop of the United States in the protection of the free press. Now, the respected Reporters Without Borders has produced a separate report on Internet freedoms. In yet another dubious distinction for President Obama, the United States is now listed with such “Enemies of the Internet” as Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. This is our first time on the infamous list — a true accomplishment for an Administration that has been denounced for its wholesale attacks on privacy and other core civil liberties.

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1 Response to Yes We Can: United States Declared “Enemy of the Internet” With Iran, North Korea, and Other Bad Actors

  1. Tom Carter says:

    Like most people, I suppose, the internet and the worldwide web (assuming they’re not the same thing) are something of a mystery to me. I know how to use it, but I don’t know a lot about how it works under the hood. When I was living overseas and sometimes couldn’t use a U.S. credit card for a purchase, I learned to dial up a U.S. server and fool the system into thinking I was in the U.S. Then I could use the credit card. So I guess some countries can shut off certain sites or even the whole system. I don’t know what damage will result from the U.S. giving up control over ICANN, which assigns domain names, but I don’t think it could possibly be a good idea.

    But what the heck — maybe we’d all be better off if there weren’t an internet or cell phones. Then kids would go play in the neighborhood again, and adults would have to talk face-to-face. And, shutting down free speech would have to be done much more personally. I wouldn’t miss being called no matter where I was or what I was doing, and I wouldn’t miss the internet (aside from the Victoria’s Secret website).

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