Some are more equal…

President Obama is a petty little person whose ego needs constantly to be re-inflated by the sycophants privileged to surround Him. Having been elected President of the United States, twice, and having received a Nobel Pettiness Peace Prize may have sated Him temporarily. However, unwarranted obeisance is constantly needed. It’s a drug that has to be taken in ever larger doses to remain effective.

Perhaps administering His ego-maintenance drug becomes tiresome, and those required to do it need to lash out at others who view Him as the embodiment of petty incompetence that He has increasingly become. How could they not tire of it? For their own therapy, they have to lash out at those who see Him for what He is, rather than as they must to try to see Him. Otherwise, how could they do what is required of them?


Another Tack: Some are more equal | JPost | Israel News .

03/27/2014 21:42

Everyone is perfectly free to go into raptures over Obama but it’s a whole different opera when not-so-flattering opinions are sounded.


Obama’s thinking appears closer to that enunciated by the clout-packing pigs of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Photo: JERUSALEM POST ARCHIVES, FROM THE 1954 FEATURE FILM]

Speaking the truth can be a dangerous undertaking. It can expose the speaker to all sort of chastisement. This isn’t only so in any given country’s domestic affairs but very much so in relations between states.

Ours, after all, is a globalized reality. This fact can induce and intensify inordinate hubris in some leaders with pretensions to hold sway over more than their own specified domain. White House occupant and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barak Obama, for instance, often conducts himself as if the American electorate and the…

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