Secretary Kerry will bring peace between Islamists and their tormenters

Secretary Kerry’s keen mystical insights into human nature and agreement with President Obama’s wise foreign policies will
soon bring giant leaps forward for all.

Kerry SalutesSearching for peace with fairness

There have been reports that Secretary Kerry’s next peas peace process victim target will be South Sudan in Africa. He is there now, to deal with genocide, as promptly and effectively as is his wont. Indeed, he is expected to be no less successful than he was with his Israel – Palestinian process. Fortunately, he will not limit his quest for a Nobel Peace Process Prize to South Sudan. Instead, his next effort will be to resume his temporarily paused process against Israelis, who torment Islamists unfairly and mercilessly.

Secretary Kerry recognizes that he must appear to be impartial to assure his success. Therefore, blame for violence and social disruption needs to seem, to the extent that he is capable of it, to be cast fairly on both sides.

It’s all mostly Israel’s fault.

When Secretary Kerry referred to Israel as an apartheid state, he meant it. He was correct, despite nonsense such as this:

As John Kerry continues to engage in damage control for his recent pernicious remarks absurdly suggesting (on Holocaust Remembrance Day, no less) that Israel could morph into an “Apartheid state,” there can no longer be any doubt about Kerry’s nefarious intentions regarding Israel. By adopting the narrative espoused by the most rabid of Israel-haters, his credibility as a neutral interlocutor has, at best, been severely compromised. More importantly, his words, once uttered, will reverberate in anti-Israel circles like an echo chamber and will only serve to lend credibility to this ugly falsehood.

“Nefarious intentions?” That’s absurd; Secretary Kerry wants only the best for everyone, as shown below. Moreover, apartheid Israel is little, if any, better than the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Robert King, U.S. special envoy for North Korean human rights issues, voiced concern on Thursday at the commission of inquiry’s findings of “systematic, widespread, and gross human rights violations” committed by officials and institutions.

“We are alarmed by the widespread use of forced labor, including child labor in detention facilities, and we remain concerned about instances of violence against women, forced abduction of foreign nationals, and reports of torture and abuse in detention facilities,” King told the Geneva forum.

He called for Pyongyang to shut political prison camps and to release all inmates. Former prisoners who defected, including Shin Dong-hyuk, gave harrowing accounts in testimony to the U.N. inquiry, whose members were barred from entering North Korea.

Like North Korea, Israel adamantly refuses to release all political prisoners and instead tortures them by, for example, unjustly depriving them of their human right to collect postage stamps efficiently.

The Israeli military (IDF) — ferocious beasts of unmitigated ferocity all — interferes shamelessly in Palestinian family affairs.

Israelis try, with police assistance, to monopolize the holy Temple Mount, sacred to Islam.

Another day, another piece in Arab media trying to rally up the ignorant masses against Israel. Their incitement has been growing recently, when it comes to Jerusalem, Israel and especially, the Temple Mount.

Israeli extremist settlers on Wednesday broke into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, yards away from the Al-Magarbah Gate in Jerusalem, under the protection of Israeli soldiers and policemen, a Jordanian news service reported on Wednesday.”

Israel takes grossly inadequate steps to punish Israeli “price tag” terrorists who spray graffiti on buildings and otherwise vandalize property.

Price tag attack

Israelis also murder innocent young Palestinians during nationalistically motivated price tag attacks. Merely by looking at her photograph, it became obvious to Secretary Kerry –due to his unique mystical insights — that young Ms. Dadon was a Palestinian, killed by Israeli nationalists.

shelly-dadon-e1398972159172 Israelis are trying desperately to mask the identities of her attackers. Indeed, it is claimed, by disgraced Israeli yellow journalism source DEBKAfile, that she was murdered by

a gang of Israeli Arabs belonging to an terrorist organization called “The Galilee Liberators.” She died after multiple stab wounds were inflicted savagely on her upper torso. The killers planted clues at the scene that broadcasted their affiliation. 

Planting such “clues” is easy and Israelis are experts. However, Secretary Kerry is not stupid and understands such events very well. Will her Israeli murderers be brought to justice? Don’t count on it.

Israel — unlike the Palestinians — has used every tactic in her arsenal short (thus far) of war to stop the P5 + 1 nuclear peace process with Iran. We desperately need to resolve matters consistently with Iran’s peaceful desires to have and use her insignificant nuclear capabilitiesTo accomplish that we need to consider — peacefully like Iran — Iran’s peaceful past, present and future during proper negotiations. Israeli bullying tactics harm, rather than assist, the wholesome nuclear peace process just as they impeded Secretary Kerry’s splendid peace process in Israel and occupied Palestine.

On the other side, Palestinians do occasionally euthanize greedy Israeli imperialists who steal Palestinian land.

They are, quite understandably, heroes of the Palestinian resistance.

No less understandably, a few brave members of the Palestinian resistance against Israeli aggression occasionally fire missiles toward Israel. However, they miss in most cases because of their commendable humanitarian feelings, unreciprocated by Israel.

Blame for Palestinian economic misfortunes must be assigned solely to Israel because kleptocracy is anti-Islamic and has no place in Palestinian culture. Old wive’s tales such as this intentionally create a false impression and should be ignored:

Palestinian victimhood is primarily a function of exploitation by the Palestinian leadership of its unfortunate poor. The refugee camp dwellers have become cannon fodder for terror organizations and are used as suicide bombers, hijackers and assassins by Palestinian leaders. Those leaders, trumping the Palestinian cause, have become rich by intimidating European countries, extorting money from wealthy Arabs, and preying on the guilt pangs of former European colonial powers and naive Americans.

Nevertheless, Israelis and Palestinians must be treated with equal fairness

Blame for violent clashes lies on both sides, no matter how major the blame ascribed to Israel and no matter how minor the blame properly ascribed to the Palestinians may be. Both sides must, therefore, find redemption with dignity and fairness through the Kerry peace process.

When he succeeds, as his sterling record as the wizard of peace processes proves that he will, there will be no further sectarian troubles in the Middle East, aside from those between rival Islamic sects, principally Sunni and Shia. Flushed with success in his righteous pro-Islamist, anti-Israeli endeavors, Secretary Kerry will be compelled to tackle that problem next, relatively minor though it is.

As the chief implementer of President Obama’s wise, humane and universally acclaimed foreign policies, Secretary Kerry will succeed. He must if the world is finally to be transformed into one truly fair, just and safe for all. President Obama, the undisputed leader of the free world, rightfully demands that it become reality rather than mere fantasy while He remains in office to guarantee his legacy as the greatest and most humanitarian world leader ever.


An article at PJ Media by Michael Walsh about President Obama’s general incompetence titled Is Obama Too Smart for the Presidency, or Is It Too Tough for Him? says, and then asks,

This is what the electorate gets for having entrusted the highest office in the land to a man who viewed it as an entry-level gig on the way to something better or more interesting. And if Obama has this attitude toward the White House, what must he think of the people who put him there?

The little people who put Him there? If He thinks He fooled them, He may not be quite as remote from reality as He seems to be, all indications that He is totally isolated from reality to the contrary notwithstanding. That’s scary.

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4 Responses to Secretary Kerry will bring peace between Islamists and their tormenters

  1. Tom Carter says:

    There’s never going to be anything resembling “peace” between Israel and the millions of wild-eyed, ignorant Muslims intent on its destruction. Even the most celebrated successes in the “peace process” have come to nothing (Camp David, etc.). Without unflagging U.S. support, Israel is doomed. With Obama and Kerry in charge of U.S. foreign policy, Isrealis have much to fear.

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