Who and what does the RINO establishment “opposition” oppose?

We need more conservative leaders and
fewer Establishment types who oppose conservatives.
The latter, including but not limited to Boehner, must go.

Obama laughs

This Bill Whittle video provides a brief history of two former conservative leaders who got to the roots of problems, led and were not hesitant to attack those who deserved attack.

Good conservative leaders are difficult to find and hard to elect, at least until a crisis has already bloomed, become terrifying and far more deadly and otherwise onerous to deal with than earlier. Winston Churchill finally became Prime Minister after Chamberlain’s peace in our time appeasement had failed miserably and Germany had greatly advanced her war-making capabilities, while the UK and other allied powers had not.

Here’s a song about a Confederate general the likes of whom never existed (at least in the Confederacy), but might be a role model not only for President Obama but for some of our Republican leaders:

President Obama’s foreign policies are pro-Islamist and intensely hypocritical;

[W]hat Obama does is actually worse than expressing the kind of outright hatred for the Jewish state that Iranian mullahs and their terrorist proxies boast. He is among the ever-widening circle of leftists, among them the J Street crowd, who profess their undying love for Israel, while placing it on a par with the world’s most pernicious elements. [Emphasis added.]

The danger of this trend, which I have called “anti-Israel is the new pro-Israel,” lies in its disingenuousness. Where such a fashion reigns, any moral parity made between Israel and the PA constitutes giving Israel the benefit of the doubt. The Obama administration excels at this underhanded game of proving its good intentions by treating “both sides” — one a democracy striving for peace, and the other a corrupt, lawless entity dreaming of jihad — as equals. [Emphasis added.]

His foreign policies also oppose individual freedom abroad as well as at home. Otherwise, they are so amorphous as not to be understandable except as efforts to focus on “magical reality” as though dealing with peacefully naive unicorns. The Israel – Palestine “peace process” with its blame Israel first corollary, and the Nukes for Iran Scam farce featuring President Obama and the rest of the P5 +1 “leaders,” are a couple of examples.

Hasan RowhaniIranian President Rouhani is happy.

Our military has become politically correct, emasculated and feminized. It is required to adhere to rules of engagement designed to avoid distressing our enemies while exposing our troops to otherwise avoidable harm. For that and other reasons, the rest of the world — friends and foes alike — is laughing at President Obama and at us.

Domestically? Over-the-top Spying, military and other repressive action against peaceful civilians, ObamaSnare, Benghazi and its politically-based cover-up, IRS targeting of conservatives and governing by Executive Decree, of course, but President Obama wants to put all that behind Him and currently demands gun control and climate change legislation now, or He will continue to do both Himself through Executive Decrees and His administrative agencies.

He also demands Immigration reform now because We He Can’t Wait! Here’s a cheering thought: Illegal Alien Gangs Commit Majority of Crime in U.S. — Gang of 8 Amped It Up.

’ MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), according to the FBI, follows the “migration paths of illegal alien laborers to avoid big-city police departments,” and then there’s that uncomfortable fact that police, under the Obama administration, cannot ask questions unless they see a crime committed. An MS-13 member need only say they’re a DREAMer and it might be a free ride (unless the tattoos and piercings are a disqualifier). The Department of Justice has handed the keys to America’s backdoor to the Sinaloa drug cartel, along with a steady weapons cache. Illegals of all types have been flooding over the border since the Senate Gang of 8 wrote and passed their traitorous immigration bill. Remember the Republicans behind it: Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake. [Emphasis added.]

. . . .

On [a] . . . recent conference call, Congressman Louis Gohmert said the House leadership is “hell bent” on amnesty, otherwise known as a pathway to citizenship. Can you image that in 2013, drug cartels were taking over Pennsylvania neighborhoods? It’s worse than we have imagined and it stretches from the deep south all the way north, and from sea-to-shining sea.

This is just the beginning. We cannot be stagnate and wait until the action starts in Congress. We need a steady stream of dissent flooding into House leadership: John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Michael McCaul, Ed Royce and your own representatives. No matter where you stand on “immigration reform,” we should all agree that we must secure the border first, close the drug alleys, give Arizona and Texas back their lands, now controlled by some of the worst people in the world – what else do you call those involved in human trafficking? They are on our soil every day — soil where you cannot safely be. Soil that produces nothing for Americans. Soil that destroys lives, takes lives. [Emphasis added.]


Perhaps indulgences bought by gangs and their members will help fund Democrat election campaigns. Do some librul Republicans want to suck money from them as well? Republican “opposition” leader Boehner demands immigration “reform” now, along with President Obama.

Immigrant kiss

What is the Republican Establishment “opposition” doing while failing to oppose President Obama and his policies? It’s trashing conservatives. According to Mark Levin,

Levin said the question of whether the Tea Party is dead is a stupid one, and he asked why establishment Republicans were spending “millions of dollars laundered through Karl Rove’s group and Mitch McConnell’s National Republican Senatorial Committee” to fight and trash conservatives:

These “Republican leaders” only want to be in the majority if they can control the people we send to Congress. Mitch McConnell does not want any more Ted Cruzes or Mike Lees, or anybody else who’s going to give him trouble. He wants Republicans who are going to lie down and do what he tells them to do. [Emphasis added.]

John Boehner and Eric Cantor? Exactly the same thing. These people are not about empowering the American people; they’re about empowering themselves. They see a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate, not as an opportunity to serve the people, but to serve themselves. [Emphasis added.]

Levin also noted that establishment candidates often do not want their constituents to know of their more-liberal policy preferences; thus, they do not run television commercials informing their constituents of their enthusiastic support for amnesty legislation.


Where are the “legitimate” media? Absent with few exceptions. Perhaps they are overwhelmed by their need to have superior access to Obama administration propagandists; otherwise, they might have to attempt a little burdensome investigative reporting. They also want to be seen as politically correct and hence inoffensive to protected minority group members other than Black conservatives but including Islamists and other protected classes (other than female conservatives), but particularly to President Obama; to oppose His misguided policies would be deemed “racist,”a charge too damning to risk.

It’s difficult enough fighting librul Democrats without having also to fight the librul Republican Establishment. Dangerous? Frustrating? You betcha, and it’s getting worse.


Might the RINO “opposition” be trying to emulate the thus far surviving MUD “opposition” in Venezuela?

1) the organized political opposition is not able to respond clearly to the aggression from the regime. Oh, sure, there are the supportive tweets, but it is also quite clear that some are only too happy to see those camps, those barricades disappear not for humanitarian reasons but because their own lack of control of the electoral opposition is made only too visible. That is why the MUD keeps repeating that the “students have their own agenda” as a way to abandon them to their fate, to avoid further internal division, to hide their inherent weakness and lack of creativity. [Emphasis added.]

2) that Lopez judicial travesty did not create a reply from the MUD leaders besides the occasional supportive tweet make us remember that Lopez, and now Machado, seem to be pretty much abandoned to their fate. As if that would preserve the other members of the MUD from a similar fate down the road whenever the regime needs new enemies to justify its violence and repression. The fact of the matter is that the MUD has not attempted any significant support action. Correct me if I am wrong, if it goes beyond pious wishes and hashtags. [Emphasis added.]

. . . .

And on and on it goes.


Former Republican presidential candidate Romney

on Thursday morning said he supports an increase in the minimum wage, breaking with many Republicans who have stood against it.

“I, for instance, as you know, part company with many of the conservatives in my party on the issue of the minimum wage. I think we ought to raise it,” the 2012 Republican presidential nominee said. “Because frankly, our party is all about more jobs and better pay.”

Bryan Preston, writing at PJ Tatler in an article titled Mitt Romney Thinks Republicans Should Hand Barack Obama a Victory, noted:

Since when does a conservative advocate government intervention in the economy, between workers and employers? Oh, right, this is the man who declared “I love mandates!” At least he’s consistent.

The politics of the minimum wage, as to the current debate, is whether Obama and the Democrats can find something to distract the country from Obamacare, Benghazi, the weak economy, America’s deteriorating place in the world, Iran’s nukes, Russia’s drive to swallow up the old Soviet empire, and on and on. The minimum wage is one of those poll tested issues that Democrats reach to when they find themselves in trouble and have no real ideas to help anyone but themselves. Raising the minimum wage sounds good, it even sounds benevolent and generous. But it costs jobs. Supporting it is a glib way for a politician to say “See, I’m a good guy” while never having to answer for the minimum wage workers who lose their jobs because the cost of labor has just gone up thanks to a government fiat. [Emphasis added.]

. . . .

Mitt Romney is a good family man and good businessman. He would have been a sensible choice for president during the 2007-08 economic collapse.

But he’s a terrible political leader and no “severe conservative,” whatever he has said to the contrary.

Sad but accurate.

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6 Responses to Who and what does the RINO establishment “opposition” oppose?

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  2. Tom Carter says:

    Romney isn’t the only Republican who has said that the minimum wage could reasonably be increased (Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, etc.). My view is that the minimum wage, if any, should be set by states. Economic conditions vary, and what’s good for one state may not be right for others.

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  4. It really is hard to find a good conservatives who is willing to wallow in the cesspool that is Washington, D. C.

  5. Sidney says:

    Well put and so sadly accurate.

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