Morlocks want to have us for dinner. Can we decline their invitation?

Are we content to depend on them?

Here is a video by Bill Whittle about how many are becoming Eloi and some are becoming Morlocks.

According to the organizers of the 2012 Democrat National Convention, we all belong to the Morlocks Government.

Freedom? Integrity? Phooey! They are unnecessary as long as we trust “our” Government and allow it to care for us. Here — let’s listen to President Obama read a comforting story. Nobody can do it better.

Please, Great One, tell us more stories

Please, Great One, tell us more stories

Since only Tea Party “Terrorists” and global warming climate change are seen dangerous to life as we know it, our defenses against Morlocks are atrophying as the dependency addiction takes over.


To think that Morlocks are harmful, but that Tea Party Terrorists and climate change are not, is “racist.” Don’t worry, be happy and become more content as the process continues. In the meantime, all we need to do is to be kind to the Morlocks or pretend that they do not exist. It’s for our own good. Sleep well!

Death panels

On October 20th of last year, I posted an article about H.G. Wells’ Eloi and Morlocks. It is republished below.


Which are the Eloi and which is the Morlock?

Bugblatter beast

I’m from the Government and want to help eat you.

While re-reading H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, I remembered this post from September of last year (written before the Democrat national convention) and it seemed worth posting again. I had concluded that post with this observation:

We are sliding down a still tolerably comfortable slippery slope but its steepness and slipperiness are increasing. I hope that, before our still comfortable slide is halted by rocks and then by boulders at the bottom we may see them, turn aside and clamber back to the safety of a viable, perhaps even responsible and free, existence.

With the reelection of President Obama, continued Democrat control of the Senate and excessive numbers of RINOs in the House, the slippery slope has become steeper; the steepening seems likely to continue at least until after the 2014 elections.

In The Time Machine, the traveler discovered (in the year 802,701) two species of creatures surviving in what had once been England, but no humans as we know them. Both of the new species were distant and barely recognizable descendants of humans. There were Eloi, gentle and passive little folk, who could neither read nor write and had a very simple language. Words were rarely of more than one syllable and sentences were rarely of more than three words; they needed nothing more to convey their simple thoughts. There were also Morlocks, ape-like creatures who managed their Eloi herds, lived a subterranean existence and emerged only at night to capture Eloi and take them below to butcher, cook and eat. 

Eloi had no work to do and produced nothing for themselves; any vestigial memories of ever having done so had vanished many ages before. They had only the “free stuff” provided by the Morlocks to maintain them and seemed content. The Morlocks had power and the Eloi had none. The Eloi needed the Morlocks to provide for them but sensed the dangers they presented. However, they had no weapons or other means of defense and could do nothing more than try to avoid the dark, when the Morlocks came out to prey on them.


Little if anything beyond the air that we breathe is free; nearly everything else has a cost. Sometimes it is money, sometimes it is gradual loss of freedom and hence increased servitude. In the case of the Eloi, the cost was to sink into blissful ignorance as they were bred and farmed like cattle by the Morlocks and then, like the cattle they had become, dinner. [Emphasis added.]

We are not yet at that point; we probably have many years to go before we get there. Those who live in the United States still have substantially more material possessions and freedom, and suffer from substantially less repression, than do the unfortunate people who live in Venezuela.

However, too many Americans are becoming increasingly like Eloi: weak and ignorant little creatures, pleased to produce nothing and to live off the Government teat. Seems extreme? Things could be worse but hang in there; they have been getting worse at a pace that continues to accelerate. The less “we the people” know, understand and care about how “our” Government functions, the more it will own us, the less self-sufficient we will become and the more closely our lives will resemble those of Venezuelans — and, even worse, of Eloi. [Emphasis added]


What are we going to do about it? Wake up, smell the fecal stench and defend ourselves while we still can, or be comforted by non-substantive political theater and rephrasings of President Obama’s lies as we are eaten?

Clinton testifiesWhat difference does it make now?

 UPDATE, May 25, 2014

Here is a link to an article by Ed Driscoll at PJ Media titled Soft Pink Eloi on the Outside, Ravenous Morlocks in their Hearts. He states,

A pair of recent Afterburner videos by PJM’s own Bill Whittle also explores the strange schizophrenia of today’s leftists. Last fall, Bill made a spot-on comparison of Miley Cyrus’s MTV Awards sex-obsessed freakout with the depraved culture of the Weimar Republic, and what happens next. In his latest Afterburner, Bill compares today’s college students and their “Trigger Warning” obsessions with the passive, and doomed, Eloi from H.G. Wells’ The Time Traveler.

Rarely do I disagree with the conclusions Bill reaches in his Afterburner videos, but I think he may be slightly off regarding today’s left. As people as divergent as Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, hapless Twitter user Justine Sacco, and Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Firefox, can attest, the modern left appear to be soft, sensitive Eloi, but underneath their freshly powdered skin and ubiquitous tortoiseshell Smart Glasses, they’re pure Morlock, ready to devour anyone who deviates even slightly from the day-to-day definition of political correctness. [Emphasis added.]

Take the racially-obsessed on-air talent at MSNBC, or Ethan Krupp, who posed for photos late last year as the Obamacare Footie Pajamas Boy. The jammies were intended to appear cute and non-threatening, making Krupp look like he just parachuted in from the set of the Big Bang Theory, but he was quoted by the Daily Caller as saying, “We have no morals, and we will attack you:”

“I am a Liberal Fuck,” Krupp wrote in one post. “A Liberal Fuck is not a Democrat, but rather someone who combines political data and theory, extreme leftist views and sarcasm to win any argument while make the opponents feel terrible about themselves. I won every argument but one.”

Krupp then detailed the only political argument he claimed her ever lost, a drunken encounter he had with a “conservative gay prick.”

Of course, Krupp is simply a creature of his environment — his worldview was cultivated by his college professors, reinforced by both the media he consumes, and his colleagues. It’s certainly commonplace at Organizing for Action, the Obama special interest group where Krupp works, when not starring in their in Tweets and videos to shill for socialized medicine.

Perhaps some who appear to be Eloi are not the simple-minded sheep they present themselves as but are disguised Morlocks. However, it seems that the real Eloi are truly mindless creatures, wanting what they erroneously perceive as a benign Government — to which they happily “belong” — to care for them and are delighted to relinquish any remaining freedoms to that end.

Sheep eating

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  1. Mike says:

    Spot on as Always. (Not sure about the Epileptic Chicken. But I’ll go with it.)

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