King Obama The Mad and His loyal royal subjects

King Obama has transformed America to conform to His own world view. Although it is a pernicious world view, too few Americans
seems to know, care or object. 

MissionAccomplished0067The Won.

King Obama

Bill Whittle explains in this video what King Obama has done and why it may be irreversible.

Another Bill Whittle video explains why President Obama is not “one of us.”

American values have been changing for the worse. According to this article, the values of Formerly Great Britain have as well. We seem to following her down that path.

Gun control is now one of King Obama’s growing collection of “My highest priorities.” Here’s a long video about how gun control has worked elsewhere. What a load of conspiracy theory manure! What? It’s not? Judge for yourself.

Surely, that could never happen in the United States of Obama! We have the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution, which King Obama respects so highly that He would never even consider doing anything inconsistent with it. For much the same reason, we will never have FEMA concentration camps. Oh, and don’t forget that the Holocaust is just a vicious libel perpetuated by Zionists and their historically inaccurate supporters. So are the vicious lies to which the above video attempts to give credibility. Right Wrong.

Can America recover from her radical transformation? Even if enough object, it may already be too late. King Obama will almost certainly remain in office for (at least) two and one half more years. Polls showing His decreasing public approval will not change that.

Obama poor polls

Following the 2014 elections, the Congress will likely remain impotent — even if both houses have Republican majorities. Should they develop a strong and determined will to oppose, King Obama will continue to issue Royal Decrees to work His transformative will without regard to the Constitution.

A video of an interview with Kevin McCarthy, the new House Majority Leader, is embedded below. In many ways he sounds good. If he remains the majority leader after the November elections, will he be able to do anything useful about Royal Decrees? He did not clarify what he has in mind.

Legislation to limit King Obama’s use of Royal Decrees by granting standing to either house of Congress when litigation is approved by a majority of that house seems nearly certain to be vetoed. Without such laws, any attempt at litigation is very likely to be rejected on grounds of standing. Should litigation be permitted to proceed — with or without a law granting standing — years of litigation would ensue before there would be a final decision. If and when such a case were to get to the Supreme Court, King Obama would have had ample opportunity to change the conservative – librul composition of the Court. The nature of the changes He would make seems obvious. As suggested by the Rutherford Institute article linked and briefly quoted a few paragraphs below, it’s already pretty bad.

In addition to Supreme Court justices, King Obama will also nominate more lower court Federal judges. To what extent would a Republican Senate majority confirm King Obama’s nominees — substantially unopposed — during confirmation hearings? The horse-trading instinct is part of the political DNA and, in view of the go-along-to-get-along candidates the Republican establishment has tended to support in the Republican primaries, that seems likely.


As King Obama’s judicial nominees continue to be confirmed, His damage to America will continue to fester long after He has gone. Even the current Supreme Court appears to be biased in favor of the Kingdom State and against individual liberties. Please read this article by The Rutherford Institute titled The U.S. Supreme Court Is Marching in Lockstep with the Police State. Here’s a brief quote:

In the police state being erected around us, the police and other government agents can probe, poke, pinch, taser, search, seize, strip and generally manhandle anyone they see fit in almost any circumstance, all with the general blessing of the courts.

Whether it’s police officers breaking through people’s front doors and shooting them dead in their homes or strip searching innocent motorists on the side of the road, these instances of abuse are continually validated by a judicial system that kowtows to virtually every police demand, no matter how unjust, no matter how in opposition to the Constitution.

These are the hallmarks of the emerging American police state: where police officers, no longer mere servants of the people entrusted with keeping the peace, are part of an elite ruling class dependent on keeping the masses corralled, under control, and treated like suspects and enemies rather than citizens.

King Obama is mad

The following Andrew Klavan video mocks King Obama for His patently disingenuous efforts to appear angry. He does that when His own policies and programs have worked as intended and thereby rendered “little people” increasingly dependent upon His Royal Government or otherwise hurt them.

Bugblatter beastMy first priority is to protect you
and I’m very angry that you got hurt.

Many of them continue to support Him. Without such displays of faux anger, He would be unable to pretend successfully that He “cares” about their problems which — despite His refusal to accept blame for anything bad happening on His watch — are His own fault. They are also our fault as a nation for electing Him, twice, to be “our” King President. His fake anger does not make anything better; it’s just His way of disposing of political problems so that He can continue doing as He wishes. The scam works as intended.

Formerly far away places are no longer very far away

Meanwhile, the power and hence stature of America continue to descend to new lows overseas as our enemies — who are not necessarily King Obama’s enemies — gain strength and power.

Obama Clinton and Muslim Brotherhood

Threats of military action made without a strong military are not serious, don’t work and can make it necessary as a last resort (“smart diplomacy” having failed) to use what we have and let our troops — and ourselves — suffer the consequences. The forced feminization and therefore emasculation of our military continues; it has become a test tube for social experimentation, perhaps to understand how best to continue transforming the rest of us into docile Pajama Boys.

Pajama Boy

What will King Obama’s supporters think when Islam — despite its multiple internal factions and frictions — becomes the dominant world power and our Pajama Boys suffer because of it?

Here’s what Judge Jeanine has to say:

She mentions the September 11, 2012 Benghazi mess, viewed by King Obama loyalists as no longer mattering other than to conservatives and their lackeys, who need a political football to throw at the unlucky Democrats who provided it. Don’t we realize that it’s time to Move On®?

The Last Refuge provides an excellent analysis of what happened, why and where Operation Zero Footprint weapons went. It’s still important, if for no reason other than it shows which sides King Obama was, and remains, on. Operation Zero Footprint was created by Royal Decree to use Qatar for the transfer of weapons into and out of Libya, and thence sometimes to Syria. Was Operation Zero Footprint a bigger and more deadly version of “fast and furious?” That seems to have been the case. It’s a long and complex article, but well worth reading and studying. An earlier article on the same topic discusses recently arrested Ahmed Abu Khattala, now said to be en route to America for trial in a Federal court in New York.

The story of Abu Katallah’s arrest is not going to remove the Benghazi headlines, if journalists would do their research they would find it actually enhances them.

He may have been arrested to keep him from exposing politically damaging details of King Obama’s Operation Zero Footprint and other matters. As soon as he obtains civilian defense counsel, he will probably be instructed to shut up and anything he may have said before then may well be sealed. Alternatively or in addition, a deal may be used to buy his silence. Perhaps that’s among the reasons he is being sent for a civilian trial in New York rather than to Club Gitmo to face a military tribunal.

Will the Obamaphiles continue to revere King Obama, ObamaCare and dependence on a benign feral Federal Government as Islamic terrorism within the United States accelerates? What if there is an Islamist takeover of all or part of the United States of Obama? A remote possibility? Maybe, maybe not.

There seems to be no viable solution now

At this point, there seems to be very little if anything effective that we can do. The hole that King Obama dug is already very deep and He continues to dig. We could try to withdraw within our borders, close them (fat chance of that) and cease to play any significant part in world affairs; our enemies know where we are and would come to us.

We now have substantially open southern borders courtesy of King Obama, to increase His approval among illegal aliens and those who side with them. The rest of the world will continue to bring us Islamic terrorists and potential terrorists to deal with, along with many thousands of unfortunates to care for. The  latter will try to leave behind problems that we neither will nor can solve. Since we cannot solve those problems, we will merely try continue to redistribute ever increasing governmental largess; we cannot continue to do that indefinitely.

I may be starting to burn out. If so, I am not the first. Steve at Cry and Howl said he is burning out and wrote on June 21st,

I think I’m beginning to burn out folks. I just can’t take in the way things have changed in America, especially in the past five years. I cannot grasp the fact that people adore Barack Obama beyond that they actually buy into anything and everything that proceeds out of his mouth, despite the fact they know he’s a proven liar. There isn’t any reason to believe anything he or his “team” says.  It’s nothing but lies. You have got to be a certified lunatic to believe Obama on anything.

Please read the rest of his article. It’s very sad and that’s is the way I have come to feel about what’s happening — and will probably continue to happen — to America.

I have been unable to think of any viable solutions and hope that someone brighter and more clever will find some. Unfortunately, any viable solutions will probably depend on the conversion of those who should care but don’t; an Herculean task at best. Where have the people might do something useful gone?

This video probably explains part of the problem, at least for the United States of Obama. It is not a problem for King Obama’s “peace loving” Islamist friends; our problems are their greatest opportunities.

Sheep eating

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7 Responses to King Obama The Mad and His loyal royal subjects

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  4. Tom Carter says:

    I have a problem with describing people as traitors because they have political views that are different from mine or someone else’s. I disagree with many, if not most, of Obama’s policy views and his political ideas. I don’t doubt, though, that he thinks he’s right and thinks he’s acting in the best interests of the country. However, being wrong doesn’t amount to treason. That kind of thinking brings out the guillotine.

    • Were He not the King President, I might agree. Then, He could hold whatever views might please Him and, unless He acted on those views, it would be none of my business. If Joe Blow considers Islam a good thing, it doesn’t much bother me. If on that basis he engages in Jihad and kills Christians and Jews, it does.

      As King President, Obama has acted on His views to the severe detriment of the nation; that’s the problem. To decide whether He is a traitor or something else, it is therefore necessary to examine His actions.

      Being wrong in good faith occasionally is not Obama’s problem. Being wrong and acting on the basis of His wrong views is His only consistency, to the point that it seems very likely that it intentional.

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