Semi-satire: King Obama and Sheikh Kerry welcome Ramadan

King Obama and Islam are similar religious movements and both are changing our lives greatly. Both demand that we respect the diversity they have graciously given us. Thank you, Islam and Your Highness.

Iran hangings by crane

Diversity in The Peoples Democratic
Islamic Republic of Iran

During King Obama’s Cairo speech in 2009 He said:

I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings. [Emphasis added.]

Do Obama’s America and The Religion of Peace share common Sharia principles of justice, progress, tolerance and human dignity? Islam hasn’t changed much recently. How about Obama’s America?

I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear. [Emphasis added.]

At least some people in Texas are not pleased with Islamic demands that they change their lifestyles or leave. Are they indulging in negative stereotypes or negative realities? Tip of the hat to Dancing Czars.

Here He goes again:

Obama KingOn June 27th, King Obama and His loyal Sheikh Ketchup KerryKerry helped Islamists around the world to celebrate the holy fast of Ramadan, which began on June 28th and will extend through July 28th. According to The Economic Times, King Obama said,

“Here in the US, we are grateful to the many Muslim American organizations, individuals, and businesses that are devoted to creating opportunity for all by working to reduce income inequality and poverty, not only through their charitable efforts, but also through their initiatives to empower students, workers and families with the education, skills and health care they deserve.

Although He seems to have neglected their inspirational efforts in beheading climate change monsters and others, it was only a minor omission. Dignity, justice, progress and  tolerance? Even He could not have had much favorable to say about that. Or could He? Didn’t He do that in His Cairo speech?

In addition to enviable Islamic charities, Sheikh Kerry also alluded to the much needed diversity and spirit of community “that binds us together” which Islam brings to Obama’s America:

Here in America, Muslims will commemorate Ramadan in ways that reflect the great diversity of our country and the spirit of community that binds us together,” he said.

“The diversity and patriotism of America’s religious communities are sources of strength for all of us, and our freedom to worship is a powerful reminder of the traditions we share.

Eternal blessings be upon them both, Insha’Allah.

In keeping with the views of the Commander in Chief, Stars and Stripes reported that U.S. personnel at the military base in Bahrain are being taught to show proper respect for the Religion of Peace.

Navy officials are requiring U.S. personnel to dress more conservatively off-base during Ramadan. Although not a requirement by Bahraini authorities, the Navy is demanding that men wear long-sleeved shirts and women wear sleeved blouses that cover their elbows. Also, men must wear long trousers, and women should wear pants or skirts that cover the knees. [Emphasis added.]

Base cultural advisers have spent the last few weeks conducting Ramadan briefs to educate Americans about the holy month. Ali Hassan briefed about 150 personnel Tuesday about Islam, the lunar calendar and customs and traditions during Ramadan. [Emphasis added.]

“It actually made me want to do a lot more research into the religion,” said Petty Officer 1st Class James Ramirez. He said the additional requirements during the month aren’t a big deal to him. “For such a small period of time, it’s a small sacrifice,” he said.

Other service members echoed that sentiment.

Hassan encouraged personnel to experience Iftar in a Ramadan tent, many of which are set up at various locations around Bahrain during the holy month and welcome non-Muslims. [Emphasis added.]

“Make it a point to visit these tents while you’re here. You don’t know if you’ll ever come back to Bahrain in the future,” Hassan said during the brief.


Unlike Islamic indoctrination, handing out Bibles and Christian proselytizing seem to be considered improper. In addition, “All consumption of alcohol by U.S. military personnel is prohibited at any off base public venue in the U.S. Navy 5th Fleet Area of Responsibility during Ramadan.” On base, perhaps some will hoist a few in honor of their King. Or something.

Will Bahrain, with a “dismal” human rights record past and present, give up torture for Ramadan? Or will U.S. personnel stationed there be told how to respect that along with other glories of the “religion of peace?” Will lessons be given in Islamic torture, beheading and crucifixion protocols?

There has been no word whether videos such as this will be offered in the interest of blessed diversity:

King Obama will continue to demonstrate comparable respect for other religions, Insha’Allah. 

King Obama will doubtless issue greetings to Christians at the beginning of Lent and His generals will likely require all military personnel stationed in Christian countries to show proper respect for Christian fasting. Since the only remaining Christian country is Vatican City, where no U.S. military personnel are stationed, such requirements will not be unduly onerous. Although there might have been similar directives to respect Jewish fast days, the recent freezing chilling of diplomatic ties with the World’s only Jewish state, Israel, as well as the few if any U.S. military personnel stationed there, may also have kept them from being unduly onerous. Should any U.S. military personnel be stationed in Haiti, they will doubtless be required to respect any Voodoo fast days as well as days for biting off the heads of live chickens in accordance with the dictates of that great religion, which has also brought much needed diversity to King Obama’s America.


Do they still love us like before?

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4 Responses to Semi-satire: King Obama and Sheikh Kerry welcome Ramadan

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  2. Tom Carter says:

    The highlight of my time in Saudi Arabia in late 2000 was a few days in Bahrain visiting an air base. Openly having a beer (or a few) in the bar in my hotel, or at other public places, was a treat. One night at the hotel bar, the guy on the stool next to me was a Saudi in his standard white robe and do-rag. As we drank our beers, I asked him why he was drinking alcohol. He joked about it being the only reason to come to Bahrain. In addition to being primitive, Saudis (and Muslims in general) are hypocrites.

    • Tom,

      When Jeanie was a Pan Am flight attendant back in the early – mid 1970’s, usually in first class, she occasionally had to go on flights to Islamic countries. The Islamic passengers drank like normal people and wore Western style business suits until shortly before landing. Then they would change into their Islamic costumes to deplane.


      On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 6:54 PM, danmillerinpanama wrote:


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