No moral symmetry

There have been and now are very, very few Israeli Jewish terrorists; Israel curses and in other ways opposes them both vigorously and successfully. There are very, very many Palestinian Islamist terrorists; Palestinians celebrate and reward them while sending more to maim, slaughter and otherwise disrupt the lives of Israelis.

When Palestinian terrorists have the misfortune — or perhaps good fortune — to be captured, tried, convicted and imprisoned by Israel, the Palestinian Authority, using funds supplied by the United States and others, pays them generous salaries while imprisoned and (depending on the length of incarceration) substantial lump sum payments upon release. The quantum of the payments depends on the severity of their offenses – the worse the offenses the higher the payments.

Israel wants peace, perhaps at costs greater than any likely peace could repay. Palestinians eschew peace because their principal goal in life is not to provide happy, peaceful and productive lives for themselves and for their progeny but to make the Jews leave and hence to eliminate Israel as the only reasonably free and democratic nation in the Middle East.

No moral symmetry, Israel Hayom, David M. Weinberg, July 7, 2014

[A] central ideological and moral distinction between Israel and the Palestinians is this: Israel seeks conflict resolution, not jihad. Israel wants to resolve the conflict through compromise, not end the conflict by annihilation of the enemy. Israel wishes to live at peace and cooperate with its Arab neighbors, not to conquer the Arabic and Islamic nations from Tunisia to Indonesia.

Needless to say, these modest Israelis goals are not shared by too many Arab or Islamic partners.

Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s murder is well on its way to becoming a core building block in the pantheon of anti-Israel propaganda, a central plank in the false argument that Israelis are just as murderous as the Palestinians. That Israelis are no more moral than the Palestinians.

Without being too defensive, or in any way forgiving of the inexcusable kidnapping and gruesome murder…

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