Does Obama Realize the Stakes in Gaza?

It is quite unlikely that President Obama knows what’s happening in Gaza. If He did know, He would not much care unless it could be spun to His political advantage. Even if He did know and care, and even if He sought to do the “right thing” to help Israel, He would make matters worse, rather than better. In view of the consequences of all of His efforts across the entire Middle East, there is no reason to expect anything from Him helpful to Israel or to our few other remaining allies.

Does Obama Realize the Stakes in Gaza? Commentary MagazineJonathan S. Tobin, July 20, 2014

(Unless it penetrates his echo chamber, which it rarely does, President Obama seems to have little comprehension of what’s happening or how it affects U.S. citizens or the few remaining U.S. allies. If he did understand, would he care? — DM)

After weeks of waiting patiently for the rockets to stop before ordering troops into Gaza in what is still a limited campaign, Netanyahu may be waking up to the fact that the stakes have been altered in the conflict. There are signs, albeit tentative ones, that his government is realizing that nothing short of ending the Hamas’s control of Gaza will end the current nightmare in which much of the Israeli population is being forced to take shelter from rocket fire.

The best thing the U.S. could do to both stop the fighting…

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2 Responses to Does Obama Realize the Stakes in Gaza?

  1. Ruvy Kossover says:

    Dan, this is a very flawed analysis. The leftists have no traction anymore. Every Hamas rocket or missile that strikes here makes SURE that they have no traction. America is a cipher in this conflict, even if Kerry can’t get his fool head out of the ketchup bottle long enough to admit that fact.

    Obama is a loyal Wahhabi Muslim – just like that “POW” he “negotiated” for, Bergdahl. Obama doesn’t give a shit about the United States. HIS JOB, as HE sees it, is to insure a Wahhabi victory – at the very least, the survival of Hamas, and a ceasefire hamstringing Israel. That’s the deal here.

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