Kerry stumbles again

Are Secretary Kerry’s “stumbles” intentional, in hopes that he will fall on Israel and break her back, her will or both?

Assuming arguendo that Kerry intends to help rather than to hurt Israel, his “stumbles” demonstrate a level of egregious incompetence such that Israel must decline his “assistance.” Fortunately, she appears to be doing so to an increasing degree.

President Obama is Secretary Kerry’s boss. It is reasonable to assume — to the extent that President Obama is aware of what’s happening — that He approves of Kerry’s stumbles, whether intentional or inadvertent. It is also reasonable to assume in that circumstance that He approves of their consequences.


Kerry stumbles again, Israel Hayom, Prof. Ron Breiman, July 28, 2014

(Regardless of whether Hamas, et al, are insane, they are rationally pursuing courses that can lead to the demise of Israel. That, as they acknowledge, is what they want. Israel objects. The Obama Administration? What it wants is not entirely clear, but to the extent that it is aligned with Hamas, et al, it is not unreasonable to assume that their goals are similar. Please see also Obama’s peace processors: Brotherhood love — DM)

Kerry expects both sides in Gaza to show sanity, which is to say he is putting Israel and a terrorist organization on an equal plane, as if they are two countries, rather than a victim and an aggressor.

Like a blind person groping for the ladder to climb down from the roof but instead falling down the chimney, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the government he…

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1 Response to Kerry stumbles again

  1. bunkerville says:

    We have known from the beginning… Viet Nam days, that this was no Mensa guy. He is playing President, flailing about, wanting to be the center of attention. No more no less. Obama is more than happy to have him out there while he attends another fund raiser.

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