Since the two state solution for Israel is moribund, here are some other ideas

It has been claimed, correctly for now, that the “two state” solution for Israel’s problems with Islamists is dead.

Hasan Rowhani

The general feeling seems to be that as long as Hamas remains in power in Gaza, the “two state” solution, much praised by the Obama Administration and many others, won’t work. It won’t, because Hamas (Nancy Pelosi and her friends in Qatar to the contrary notwithstanding) has long been and remains a terror organization devoted to the obliteration of Israel.

Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey and Qatar favor Hamas’ objectives. Israel disagrees with them. Unlike Islamists, Israel prefers life to death.

Three years ago, Andrew Klavan suggested a one state solution. Here is his plan:

Unfortunately, Mr. Klavan’s plan won’t work either: the Islamist nations surrounding Israel wouldn’t allow it even to get a start, because they want to remain sovereign and generally independent. Leaving that obstacle aside however, Israel is the region’s only free and democratic nation. Since all would become citizens of Israel and have the right to vote, Israeli politics and Judaism would be overwhelmed by Islamists. They would easily override Jewish objections and impose Shari law along with all of its anti-freedom and misogynist religious doctrines on Israel. That would be fatal for Israel, but less bad for her Islamic neighbors.

Here’s a better idea, but it won’t work either:

Perhaps the Palestinians could simply be shipped to Honduras, given refugee status and flown to the United States. They wouldn’t even to leave their prayer rugs behind at the border.


During the Obama family vacation this month, many of them could live in the White House and, when it returns to Washington, the Obama family could reside in the Blair House. Perhaps the rest of Hamas could be housed, fed and supported by former House Speaker Pelosi and her colleagues in appreciation of their humanitarian services. They would fit right into Obama’s America.


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4 Responses to Since the two state solution for Israel is moribund, here are some other ideas

  1. rsheffer says:

    THere is a solution which is to create a Gaza Canal and tow them into the sea,thus separating us Israelis from them.

  2. Tom Carter says:

    The “two-state” solution isn’t ever going to work. If all of what’s now under the control of the PA and Hamas were declared a “state” tomorrow, nothing would really change on the ground. The Palestinian goal would still be to destroy Israel and kill every Jew they can get their hands on, and the Israeli goal would still be to prevent that from happening.

  3. Richard Shifflett says:

    mr miller……………….. i am sorry if i said any thing stupid, i have a habit of doing so.. when i go to elvehia venezuela i hope to clean up, i did not mean you were an old goat, i meant you remind me of some one i care about, he was my boss, any way sorry, live long and well,,,,,, rick

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