Hamas wants civilian casualties and the media love them

Hamas, et al, have done a splendid job of helping Western media to blame Israel for noncombatant casualties in Gaza.
There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Mr. Media

I see only what I want to see.

Although accused of intentionally causing “civilian” casualties in Gaza, Israel has done more than any other nation at war to prevent casualties among enemy noncombatants.

The first five videos provided immediately below show the efforts of Hamas, et al, to put Gazan noncombatants in harm’s way by using civilian facilities in Gaza as rocket launching points, Israel’s efforts to reduce noncombatant casualties to the extent possible and to provide medical treat for injured Gazans. The sixth video features a Gazan female who tried to “thank” Israeli medical personnel who had saved her life by murdering them and killing herself with a suicide bomb.






Here are two video from India’s NDTV showing Hamas missiles fired from a civilian hotel in Gaza.


Churches? Mosques? No problem.

Pat Condell got it right in this video:

“Reporters” for the “legitimate media” have news sources in Gaza who could provide pertinent information. Some “reporters” live in hotels from the grounds of which missiles are fired into Israel. For the most part, they chose to rely on propaganda provided by Hamas, et al, operatives rather than on their own eyes and ears





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6 Responses to Hamas wants civilian casualties and the media love them

  1. Joe Lii says:

    I don’t object to Hamas’ means, just their ends.
    Terrorism works. It’s despicable but it works. How do you think Saddam Hussein kept the peace? He just out-terrorized his fellow Arab terrorists. See, in the end Islam is the religion of peace. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong religion.
    The Bible tells us unequivocally, God gave that land to the Jews. Their religion ain’t the right one either but at least they can hold the place down until The End Times.

    The only way to fight terrorism is with more terrible terrorism. In other words, the only way to stop a bad guy using terrorism is with a good guy using terrorism. That’s how the North won the Civil War. Except, in that case, the good guys lost. The South were the freedom fighters, fighting for freedom and states’ rights while the North were the terrorists fighting for the federal government — who always wants to take away our liberty so they can enslave us.
    Gen. Lee and the South were not as brutal in their terrorism as Generals Grant, Sherman and the North, that’s why they lost.
    That should be a lesson to us all.

    America’s Truth Detector, Maha Rushie, Rush Limbaugh, has made this indisputable point many times. You can’t reason with these people. They want to kill us. The only thing they understand is destructive power. You have to keep inflicting casualties until they cry uncle. Remember WWII? Remember the war with Japan? We knew they would never surrender, that’s why we used atomic weapons on the civilian population instead of military targets. Terrorism works when freedom doesn’t.

    Know how to solve the Gaza problem? Look at Japan. I know Bibi would have used the “Japan model” if he wasn’t hamstrung by all the libs in the world media, the US and even in his own country. You know Hamas would use nukes if they had them, right?

  2. Joe Lii says:

    Click here: Former sheriff willing to let wife, daughters die on front lines of Bundy ranch – Washington Times

  3. Joe Lii says:

    Hey Dan , how’s it going?
    I agree. I think it’s despicable to use women and children as human shields after you’ve provoked an armed confrontation. Do you know who disagrees? Those freedom fighters at the Bundy ranch… or are they terrorists?
    Former sheriff willing to let wife, daughters die on front lines of Bundy ranch – Washington Times

  4. Tom Carter says:

    Excellent videos. I hear that the ceasefire is now over, and the missiles are flying again at Israel. I don’t see how this can ever end….

    • bliffle says:

      I don’t think it can ever end, given the baked in attitudes of everyone.

      For me, as a US citizen living in the USA, I think that we must make sure that we are protected and have proper war machines and defenses to see to that protection. I used to believe that Israels survival was necessary or useful to our own, but no longer believe that Israels survival can be assured by any means. Thus, my survival cannot be dependent on Israels survival, no matter how loquacious and persuasive Netanyahu or Obama or anyone else is about the necessity of assuring Israels survival. Thus, to me, Israel may be useful as a disposable rear guard action, only. Maybe. But I’m open to other arguments from any quarter because I don’t like this result.

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