Islamic slaughter and displacement of “non-believers” continues

But the “free world” continues to focus on
Israel’s “genocide” against “Palestinians” rather than on
the Islamist terror groups aligned against her.

If the Obama Nation is serious about combating the Islamic State (IS), perhaps it should embed intelligence types with the Vice News teams to get better information on where its forces are located and what they are doing.

Does Obama’s American really want to prevent the IS’ creation of an Islamic caliphate? How about other Islamic terror organizations? Hamas?

As observed in an article titled Christians and Yazidis in Iraq – and a World’s Indifference,

For the United Nation’s (UN) and the international media, there is one standard for Palestinian people and refugees, and another for others. This can be deduced from the reaction to the plight of the Iraqi Christians and the Yazidis (a Kurdish ethno-religious group of people, concentrated primarily in the Nineveh Province in Northern Iraq, now occupied by the fanatical jihadists of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant [ISIL] now called the Islamic State – IS.)  The Yazidis practice a syncretic religion that fuses Shia and Sufi Islam along with indigenous regional folk traditions. They are considered infidels by the Sunni Muslim IS and the Gaza Palestinians. [Emphasis added.]

There are no protest marches in European capitals or American cities on behalf of the Christians and Yazidis of Iraq like those recently held in solidarity with Hamas in Gaza. Nor has there been sustained media coverage of Christian and Yazidi suffering, as was seen during the Gaza war about the Palestinians. [Emphasis added.]

At an August 12, 2014 press conference UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon bemoaned the situation of the Yazidis. “The plight of the Yazidis and others (meaning Christians) on Mount Sinjar is especially harrowing.” While devoting a few obligatory lines about the Yazidis in Iraq, Ban Ki-Moon failed to provide the “harrowing” dimensions of their tragedy, including the murder of 500 Yazidis by decapitation and live burials and the 300 Yazidi women who were kidnapped and forced into sex-slavery by the IS jihadists.

Ban Ki-Moon did, however, elaborate on the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza. He said, “According to preliminary information, nearly 2,000 Palestinians have been killed –almost 75 percent of them civilians, including 459 children…more than 300,000 people are still sheltering in UNRWA (United Nation Relief and Works Agency for Palestine) schools, government and private schools and other public facilities or with host families.  At least 100,000 people have had their homes destroyed or severely damaged. Most of Gaza’s households have little or no water supply. Hospitals meant to cope with disaster are themselves disaster zones. The new school year was scheduled to start in less than two weeks, but a great many of the buildings will not be ready or are totally unusable in their current state.”

. . . .

[W]hile it is regretful that Palestinian children might not be able to start school on time (courtesy of Hamas), Christian and Yazidi children in Iraq have no schools or hospitals to go to at all. At least 1 million Christians and 500,000 Yazidis had to abandon their homes and, with no shelter on the mountain, are completely exposed to the elements. The exact number of Christians and Yazidis killed by the Islamic State is hitherto unknown, albeit, a one day toll of murdered Christians stood at 1,700 in what amounts to a genocide. These numbers are likely to be far greater than the Palestinians killed in Gaza. Moreover, their deaths might bring to an end the existence of one of the oldest Christian (Assyrian) sects in the world.

Might the different identities of those allegedly responsible in Gaza — Israeli Jews — and those actually responsible in Iraq and Syria as well as in Gaza — Islamists — be a principal basis? How about the multitude of Islamic terror organizations beyond IS? Hamas uses methods similar to those of IS to indoctrinate its youth. Its use of human shields in Gaza has been quite productive of propaganda with which to indoctrinate its youth and with which to try to tarnish Israel. Hamas’ propaganda efforts seem to be meeting with substantial success.

Although Hamas is now principally dedicated to the elimination of Israel, it has other long-term objectives.

ISIS has no direct connections with Hamas. Indeed, ISIS is a globalized movement that lacks deep roots in any particular society and has no nationalist project.

In contrast, Hamas, as well as Hezbollah, are nationalist movements. What they do have in common, however, is the use of violence and intimidation to implement a reactionary version of Islam that persecutes women and other religions. [Emphasis added.]

Whether or not Hamas leaders are emboldened by ISIS’s victories in Iraq, the two terrorist organizations share many of the same objectives, such as the establishment of a Muslim caliphate that operates according to Shari’a (Islamic law). [Emphasis added.]

If the objective of the “World Community” — which Obama’s America tries to “lead” from behind through pious preachments and bungled efforts — is to avoid creation of an Islamic caliphate, why has the principal focus been on trying to prevent Israel from fighting Hamas and other jihadistists allied with it, which have done substantially more than merely threaten to destroy her? That accomplished, Hamas’ next step would be to join in the creation of an Islamic caliphate.

Perhaps we will learn more next month when President Obama chairs a UN Security Council meeting convened to discuss

the phenomenon of foreign fighters travelling to conflict zones and joining terrorist organizations, as seen in the surge in foreigners joining ranks with such groups as Jahbat al-Nusra in Syria,” Think Progress reported.

TP does not, however, mention the terror threat posed by the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria, where a July estimate suggested over 10,000 Western fighters are training for and executing attacks. [Emphasis added.]

Perhaps Valerie Jarrett will give President Obama a full and complete briefing, consistent with her and His ideologies and their resultant preconceptions.

UPDATE, August 20, 2014

In an article at PJ Media by Andrew C. McCarthy titled Inside Hamas: How To Understand the Global Jihadist Threat, Mr. McCarthy observes,

In-depth reporting by the Wall Street Journal’s Nicholas Casey and Adam Entous takes us inside Gaza, into the minds, indoctrination and support system of Hamas. The report is here (but behind the paper’s subscriber wall).

It will be a tough one to refute for the willful blindness crowd – i.e., the bipartisan Beltway ruling class and its cooperative mainstream media – who insist that Islam is innately a religion of peace. The report illuminates the reality that Islamic study is the basic pathway to jihadist militancy and that, for members of Hamas, the jihad against Israel is not a parochial political affair but part and parcel of a global ideological movement that is very much driven by a perception of divine directive. [Emphasis added.]

To observe what Hamas members and their supporters believe, and to learn that even non-adherents of Hamas respect the organization’s tenets as an entirely legitimate construction of Islam, is to elucidate the stubborn stupidity of the claim that “true” Islam is unconnected to terrorism committed by Muslims – and that we should regard such Muslims as irrational “violent extremists” rather than jihadists.

. . . .

It is a global jihad. Like the Israelis, the United States and the West are up against an ideologically driven enemy that believes, based on Islamic teachings that are mainstream in the Middle East, it is under a command from Allah to conquer non-Muslims. Its jihadists are willing to die to carry out the mission – having been indoctrinated to believe that that death in the cause is better than life on earth. [Emphasis added.]

We will never design an effective global strategy to defeat the threat unless and until we finally open our eyes and understand it.


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15 Responses to Islamic slaughter and displacement of “non-believers” continues

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  3. rawinfidel says:

    The video of the refugees was about the saddest thing I’ve seen. I feel bad, very bad for those people. Team Obama disgusts me.

  4. bunkerville says:

    I keep scouring for news on the status of those stuck on the mountain. Did they get off? Apparently no interest.

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  6. Tom Carter says:

    Sooner or later, IS will attempt a major attack in the U.S. That’s what made al Qaeda’s bones, and it would do the same thing for IS. Reports indicate that there are enough American citizen jerks who have been trained by IS, and they’ll be coming home. It’s only a matter of time.

    Air strikes alone will not stop IS. The strikes will cause them some discomfort, kill a few of them, and blow up some equipment. But that’s about it. The U.S., Europe, and other powerful nations aren’t going to do what’s necessary — send in troops and destroy them. And I’m not sure we should do that, anyway. So, keep the light on at the roost, because the chickens are coming home.

    The Mosul dam is another major concern. I hear IS has it wired with explosives; maybe they do. And air strikes in the vicinity of the dam, which is already shaky, raise more questions. If that dam goes, a catastrophe will result that we probably won’t be able to stay out of.

    Anybody thinking that maybe we would have been better off if W. hadn’t attacked Iraq? I am, even though I supported it at the time.

  7. Good think those Yazidi were in danger. Otherwise the Obama administration would never have made a move to help Christians.

  8. J.G.Lord says:

    Reblogged this on JamesLordsBlog and commented:
    once again the lies come out and fools and idiots believe while the truth suffers.

  9. J.G.Lord says:

    Israel has not practiced genocide: those who do, do not warn their victims days before an attack those who do, do not plead for women and children to leave. Those who do, do not issue orders to hold fire if you even see a woman or is odd that Israel is portrayed as an aggressor and vile monster in so many cases, but how many missile attacks have they launched against schools and day cares? how many serein gas attacks have the IDF performed? how many suicide bombers have they sent out world wide? how many innocent third parties have they beheaded for supporting their enemy? No fools do not ask they just follow and like cowards let evil men tell them what is right thus they choose what is wrong. Good men who sit in silence out of fear or apathy allow evil to rule .

  10. boudicabpi says:

    Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:
    Islamic slaughter and displacement of “non-believers” continues

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