Happy fantasies vs unpleasant realities about Islam

Here’s an excellent analysis of Islam through the ages and now. It is one of the best I have seen.

I do what I do because I am what I am.

I do what I do because I am what I am.

Dr. Durie lives in Australia and is a life-long adherent to the Anglican religion. He focuses on Islam as it is — violent and demanding the submission of everyone — not peaceful and accommodating of others — as multiculturalists want to believe and to convince others to believe.

Until our citizens, media, “foreign policy” savants and political “leaders” cease their insufferable political correctness, comprehend the realities of Islam and behave in accordance with those realities, our chances of restoring and retaining our freedoms will continue to decline. So will Western civilization.




An article by Roger L. Simon titled Barack Obama’s  Biggest Lie appeared last night
at PJ Media. Obama has told so many lies that it is difficult to evaluate which is the “biggest.” However, His lies about Islam are likely to have a far wider and far worse impact on Western civilization than any of the others.

So everybody in our administration, and even most of our military, seems to lie these days, but the source of the lies comes from the top, POTUS.  He governs our land where the truth dare not be uttered, the enemy never named.  We all know we’re in a civilizational war with Islam, have been for quite some time and likely to be for a lot longer, but our officials and our mainstream media will do everything possible not to admit it.  They assume, I guess, if we tell the Islamic world they’re peaceful often enough, they will become it.  That’s the most optimistic view of it.  The pessimistic view is that a number of our leaders and media want us to lose.  Either way we’re in a pack of trouble. [Emphasis added.]

Obama can, on rare occasions, be almost truthful. His statement in the graphic presented above, taken from His (or William Ayers’) Audacity of Hope, was almost truthful.

Although the political winds have yet to shift “in an ugly direction” against Islam, Obama nevertheless stands with the Muslims, which He depicts as He wants us to see them. Perhaps Obama, along with other multicultural purveyors of religious and ideological blather, can take credit for the prevailing Western apathy about the dangers presented by the religion of peace death. Will He ever get the blame He deserves?

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7 Responses to Happy fantasies vs unpleasant realities about Islam

  1. jitskesez says:

    Reblogged this on Voice in the Desert and commented:
    It’s time for a citizens’ revolt against Islam in our midst. It’s clear the governments want to help Islam take over!

  2. joopklepzeiker says:

    Dan, can we survive another 2 year without unrecoverable damage ?

  3. Tom Carter says:

    Good video. I thought Durie was somewhat absolutist in the presentation itself. Among the 1.6 billion (or so) Muslims in the world, there are great differences among national groups and various sects. For example, among Muslims in the Middle East there are likely many more supporters of some concept of violent jihad than among Muslims in, say, Indonesia. However, he was more moderate during the latter part of the question period, and that was good.

  4. swo8 says:

    Thank you for raising those issues.

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