Is Obama a “Christian” and does He “love” America?

What difference does it make now

He is not up for reelection and won’t be impeached regardless of whatever He is or loves. If impeached, He wouldn’t be convicted. On the other hand, such questions and their responses provide useful distractions from what He and His acolytes are doing to America.

According to Dana Milbank at Organizing for Action the Washington Post, knowing that Obama is a Christian and loves “His” country should be a no-brainer.

This is not a matter of conjecture. The correct answer is yes: Obama is Christian, and he frequently speaks about it in public. Balz and Costa presented Walker with this information to give him a second chance to answer.

But even when prompted with the facts, Walker — in Washington for the National Governors Association meeting — persisted, saying, “I’ve actually never talked about it or I haven’t read about that,” and, “I’ve never asked him that,” and, “You’ve asked me to make statements about people that I haven’t had a conversation with about that.”

This is an intriguing standard. I’ve never had a conversation with Walker about whether he’s a cannibal, a eunuch, a sleeper cell for the Islamic State, a sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome or a grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. By Walker’s logic, it would be fair for me to let stand the possibility that he just might be any of those — simply because I have no personal and direct refutation from him.

. . . .

Walker . . . . caused a furor when he used the same logic last week to avoid saying whether Obama loves his country after Rudy Giuliani, at a dinner with Walker, volunteered his view that Obama does not. “To me, this is a classic example of why people hate Washington and, increasingly, they dislike the press,” he told my colleagues Balz and Costa, two of the best in the business.

This is insidious, and goes beyond last week’s questioning of Obama’s patriotism, because it allows Walker to wink and nod at the far-right fringe where people really believe that Obama is a Muslim from Kenya who hates America. The governor is flirting with a significant segment of the Republican primary electorate: those who have peddled the notion (accepted by 17 percent of Americans at the end of Obama’s first term) that Obama is a Muslim.

Damn! Those “far-right fringe” Republican tea bagging nut cases must be too dense to grasp the finer nuances so brilliantly articulated by Mr. Milbank and his ilk. It’s easy: just accept whatever the Dear Leader says as incontrovertible truth; doing otherwise might hurt His feelings and limit access, or something. Accordingly, there’s no point in exploring any of the following nonsense.

What is a Christian and is Obama one of them?

Which of the following might (or might not) provide objective evidence that one is a Christian?

Church attendance:


Obama’s church attendance during His presidency has been covered by the media and appears to fall into the “rare” to “occasional” category. However, He did attend the Rev. “God Damn America!” Jeremiah Wright’s church for nearly two decades and His attendance there appears to have been quite regular.

In 1995, He said that the Reverend Wright is a great and wonderful man who was instrumental in helping Him to find His faith.

By 2008, when He sought to be the President of “all of the people,” His stated views had “evolved” as had become politically expedient.

Did Obama attend another Jeremiah church, never understanding a single word that he said but always savoring his mighty fine whines?

Common Christian beliefs about Jesus — here are just a few:

Virgin birth
Subsequent resurrection
Ascension into Heaven

Aside from this interview four years ago, I am not aware that Obama has been probed even gently about His Christian beliefs or that He has responded substantively and publicly elsewhere.

On the other hand,

And then there’s this:

Mr. Milbank to the contrary notwithstanding, I can’t and don’t know (as distinguished from “think” or “believe”) of which, if any, religion(s) Obama considers Himself principally a part. He does seem to prefer Muslims over Christians; after all, according to Obama, Christians engaged in and supported the crusaders and inquisition while true Muslims didn’t and don’t do that sort of thing. Christianity and Islam are in many ways incompatible, doctrinally and otherwise. It is not possible to accept both.

Does Obama “love” America?

It all depends of what sex “love” means. The word has several meanings, as in “I love my wife, love my baby and love my biscuits sopped in gravy.” I “love” rare fillet mignon because it’s yummy and I enjoy eating it. Eating fillet mignon transforms it, fundamentally, into something quite different: principally feces. That’s what Obama appears to have set out to do to the America He “loves.”

Is there any other sense in which Obama “loves” America? He evidently “loves” that He conned enough Americans to get away with being elected as President twice and that He has generally been able to rule the Obama Nation without an “obstructionist” Congress, while violating her Constitution and statutes at will.

He appears to love these “folks” most of all, because they worship Him unconditionally.

Leftist beliefs

Others? Big donors, the race baiters who keep His people subservient unto Him, some but not all other “victims” of what He deems a perverse society and believers in helpful distractions such as the existential need to combat anthropomorphic climate change.

Oh. I almost neglected to include Mr. Milbank and his ilk in the “legitimate media,” without whose useful distractions and other machinations Obama would not now be “our” Dear Leader.

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6 Responses to Is Obama a “Christian” and does He “love” America?

  1. Jerry Lingle says:

    Reblogged this on .

  2. Tom Carter says:

    It’s amazing how many nonsense non-issues we waste our time on. The left trying to score little “gotcha” points on the right, the right doing the same to the left, and meanwhile the country is left stumbling along without much leadership. A pox on all their houses, I sez.

    • Well, sure.

      But with everything going like, I mean, you know, great — money and nukes for our Iranian ally and hence world peace, Islamic non-supremacy, jobs for potential jihadists, the war on violent (non-Islamic) extremism, degrading the Non-Islamic Islamic State, et al, amnesty for illegal undocumented aliens refuge seekers, Obamacare and everything else — we need to worry about something

      • Tom Carter says:

        Well, yeah, I get that, and I’m sure the Republicans will do things differently if they can regain power. What I’m not sure about is that it will be much better. I’ve decided to just worry about things I can actually influence, such as the weather, teaching Cat to fetch and heel, etc.

  3. The purpose of Milbank’s persuasive sophistry is not to testify to the truth but to dominate, cause confusion, fear, humiliation and a false sense of guilt, thus the less his lies correspond to reality the better. When the victims of liars are held up to shame by the liars themselves and forced to remain silent and even better—accept a burden of false guilt— they not only lose their courage and sense of integrity but in accepting the guilt open themselves to terroristic crucifixion.

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