How should Trump behave during tonight’s debates?

This is a sequel to To bring America back we need to break some stuff. The mainstream media — particularly CNN this evening — as well as most of the Republican candidates, are out to eliminate Trump as a viable candidate. How can he turn their own long knives against them?

It’s reasonable to anticipate that Trump has a pretty good idea of what’s likely to happen tonight and that he and his team have been making plans to win despite, or perhaps even because, of it. It is also reasonable to anticipate that the media and Republican establishment think they know how Trump will behave and are planning accordingly. Trump needs to fool them by demonstrating those aspects of his persona which resonate favorably with his current and possible future supporters, while minimizing those which could turn them against him.

Here are a few suggestions

Don’t even appear to attack anyone on the basis of physical appearance, gender or race.

Do attack other candidates based on their recent policy statements by showing that what they said was fallacious and contrary to what should be, but have ceased to be, Republican principles. Strong opposition to illegal immigration is such a principle. Are Republican principles consistent with massive immigration by those who would change America into the corrupt social, economic and criminal cesspools from which they come?

Immigrant kiss

I refer not only to Hispanics but also to the Islamist immigrants Obama is already bringing in by the thousands and of whom He plans to bring more. References to the Islamic invasion of Europe and to the rabidly pro-immigration policies of the European Union would be appropriate. Is the U.S. Congress coming increasingly to resemble the impotent European Parliament? Is the United States coming increasingly to resemble Europe?

References to the United Nations — its anti-Israel, anti-freedom, pro-Islamic track record — and Obama’s use of the UN to usurp the function of the U.S. Senate under the Constitution in approving or rejecting the nuke deal treaty with Iran would also be useful. Pointing out the dangerous fallacies on which Obama’s nuke arrangement with Iran is based, more vigorously — and far more successfully — than the RINOs have, is a must.

Some kudos from Trump to Ted Cruz would be appropriate.

Trump should emphasize that Islam promotes death, not life and not peace. The economically disastrous Church of Climatology, currently headed by the Cardinal Obama, is another spurious religion for Trump to attack.

Church of climatology

Attack the Republican establishment as it has shown itself to be ever since attaining majorities in both houses of Congress. Here’s a link to a good article at American Thinker titled The GOP Leadership’s Dubious Achievement: Donald Trump. Perhaps Trump should make some of the points suggested there and, with appropriately Trumpian sarcasm, graciously thank the RINOs for giving him a grand opportunity to run a successful campaign for President.


Dr. Benjamin Carson

Dr. Carson has been set up by the Republican establishment to displace Trump as a candidate and then to be thrown over in favor of Bush.

Now that Donald Trump has thrown a monkey wrench into the GOPe Splitter Strategy, we are able to look at their modified objectives.   Keeping in mind the overall Road Map, and the commitment of all the interested parties therein, we can now see the goal:

…If you remove Donald Trump from the current equation – Ben Carson becomes Herman Cain 2012, Ted Cruz becomes Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush slips right back into the role of Mitt Romney, exactly as planned..

The immediately linked article is an important and frightening one, which I encourage everyone here to read in its entirety.

I don’t know whether Carson understands how he is being used or, if so, whether he is a willing pawn. I doubt that he understands how badly he is being used, perhaps because he refuses to think ill of those he considers his friends. Regardless, Trump should be courteous when dealing with Carson. Like him or not — and I do but not necessarily for President — Carson is a highly intelligent and kindly gentleman. He is also a rare example of tremendous success from the black ghetto where he lived as a child. He and his mother deserve great respect for that. Anything that Trump might say that is capable of being construed or even twisted otherwise will hurt Trump and help Carson — until Carson has finished the job set for him by the Republican establishment and has become an also ran displaced by Bush.

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina is no Ben Carson, but she is an intelligent and articulate woman with substantial business acumen. She may also be more a part of the Republican establishment than Carson. In any event, Trump should behave toward her as a gentleman should — not like a loudmouthed misogynist —  and show her the respect her supporters believe she warrants. That does not mean that he should go easy on any of her recently stated policies which he deems mistaken or inconsistent with what should be Republican policies.


Trump has an opportunity tonight to accelerate or to reverse his rise in the polls of likely Republican voters. He also has a great opportunity to enhance his chances of success in the poll that matters, the one to be taken on election day in 2016. It’s pretty much up to him.



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4 Responses to How should Trump behave during tonight’s debates?

  1. Tom Carter says:

    The debate was too long and too unruly.

    I think Fiorina won, Bush came in second, and Trump was left looking like a bloviating narcissist without any specific ideas.

    But that’s just me.

  2. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  3. Chaz Brennan says:

    The answer is obvious: like gigantic bloviating asshole. Like a gas giant. Like the Hindenburg seconds before it exploded.

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