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Rabid Rats Disparaged, CAIR Threatens

The Council Against Inhumanity to Rodents (CAIR) today announced that even though not all of the millions of Rodents on Earth are Rats, and even though not all Rats are rabid, all rats are being mercilessly disparaged due to the … Continue reading

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American Fascists and delicate little snowflakes

Fascists want to take away our freedom of speech. So do the delicate little snowflakes infesting our institutions of “higher learning.” How much worse will it get over the next few years? Substantially worse, I fear. In the above video, … Continue reading

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Arizona Cop Defends Trump

He must be a low information voter, because after attending a Trump rally he does not believe what the main-stream media has been “reporting.”  

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Make Trump Shut Up. It’s Patriotic!

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by my (imaginary) guest author, the Very Honorable Ima Librul, Senator from the great State of Confusion Utopia. He is a founding member of Climate Change Causes Everything Bad, a charter member of President Obama’s Go For … Continue reading

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“Flip Flopper” Trump addresses Tea Party rally in 2011

Here are five video segments of Donald Trump’s remarks at a Florida Tea Party rally held in 2011. There appear to be few if any significant differences between what he said then and what he says at his current rallies, … Continue reading

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A Disconcerting Tripwire – What Carly Fiorina Endorsing Ted Cruz Really Means…

Ms. Fiorina’s prior statements, particularly about Islam, are more in line with those of Obama, et al, than those of conservatives. Why has she endorsed Cruz?

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Mexico wants our borders to stay open.

The drugs and illegal immigrants coming across our southern border make life better for our dear peace-loving gangs. Trump’s wall would would be racist and unhumanitarian and hurt them (particularly in Mexico) real bad. It would damage our splendid relations … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant

Now the question is whether we, the “sleeping giant,” have awakened and how we will respond. Will we twiddle our thumbs and mumble, “oh well,” or will we do something(s) useful?      

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Deserve Hillary? Then vote for her

Democrats have done a bang up job for their people for the last fifty years. Want more of the same? Vote for Hillary.       How about Mit Romney? Surely, he must be right. After all, the proud godfather … Continue reading

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Republican Oligarchy -VS- “We The People”…

If the Republican establishment screws the voters, will we lie down like sheep and say “maybe next time,” or will we do something(s) more dramatic and effective? I expect the latter.

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