“Flip Flopper” Trump addresses Tea Party rally in 2011

Here are five video segments of Donald Trump’s remarks at a Florida Tea Party rally held in 2011. There appear to be few if any significant differences between what he said then and what he says at his current rallies, although he his minimized the “birther” attacks on Obama because that matter is now of little relevance. Trump’s remarks seem to have been received as well in 2011 as now.

H/t The Last Refuge

The video segments appear to be in proper sequence.

Congressman Allen West introduced Trump at the beginning of this video:






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4 Responses to “Flip Flopper” Trump addresses Tea Party rally in 2011

  1. Vlad says:

    The banksters need a war desperately right now. They’ve tried so hard in Syria and it just hasn’t worked. Now they’ve got crazy Trump actually saying we should stay out of the Middle East and focus on our own problems, and people are listening… what’s a self-respecting globalist financier to do?

    Without the US military killing people and breaking things, there is no future growth path for them. So they send their puppets like Kasich and Romney out to talk up the fight against “evil” and threaten Russia and China, hoping to fool those dumb white ‘Murkins one more time into sending their sons off to die for God and Country and Goldman Sachs.

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  3. Artfldgr says:

    so what your saying is the leftist trope that what you claim as a young persion (that is usually leftist) is not allowed to change (when you stop being leftist)… or rather… ossification is better than adaptablity… however, do understand that a real representative, would not have his own desires in the mix, but yours, and yours and the peoples may change… its what representative means… but we forgot all that with the left playing games with our ned

    • Nope. I am saying that Trump has been generally consistent because he has seen no valid reason to change. If one is right, why change? To give us (like Obama) “Change we can believe in?”

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