The Causes of Violent Extremism Remain Mysterious

Our guest author

Our guest author

All right-thinking people know that Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance. Therefore, even though some instances of violent extremism may involve Muslims, Islam obviously has nothing to do with it. Imam Obama and President Erdogan of Turkey have told us that repeatedly. Only Islamophobes claim that there is a connection.


Often, acts erroneously deemed to be “Islamic terrorism” are the results of mental or other disorders. For example Khaled al-Hamada, a brave freedom fighter in Syria, liked to feast on the organs of infidels enemies he had helped to kill. It was neither Islam’s fault nor his:

[A] Michigan State University report from 2014 suggests that Kuru, a neuro-degenerative disorder that is associated with cannibalism, has emerged in Syria, claiming some two dozen lives. According to the report, “Kuru resurfaced in the Muslim community recently among Syrian rebels who were rumored to be eating the hearts of victims, 2 of these rebels were then hospitalized and transferred to Germany to be treated for the disease signifying the emergence of the disease in Syria.”

There are doubtless many other cases in which what is erroneously assumed to be “Islamic terrorism” is something else entirely.

Aspersions wrongly cast on our holy religion doubtless hurt the feelings of many if not most Muslims. For example, this blasphemous “comedy” sketch about Turkey’s beloved president — a fierce opponent of violent extremism — was properly ordered removed from the air by Frau Merkel of Germany; she also phoned President Erdogan to apologize for the gratuitous insults. Although she is a mere female, she is working diligently to make Germany, and indeed the entire European Union, truly multicultural.

Even brave Muslim fighters against violent extremism have tender feelings, and the above video shows the lengths to which vile Islamophobes will go to hurt their feelings. Why can’t they show compassion comparable to that which Islam, guided by Allah the All Merciful, has directed us to have for homosexuals?

The Islamic Republic of Iran, at the forefront of compassionate Islamic jurisprudence, deals with homosexuals in the prescribed humanitarian way.

When Islamists are persuaded that they have erred, they repent and change. As documented in this inspiring article, members of the Islamic State — when confronted by Black Lives Matter (BLM*) protesters — agreed to reform their possibly “racist” ways. A BLM protest

led to “productive dialogue” once ISIS’ leaders realized her storming the stage was not an attempted suicide bombing by their rival group Al-Nusrah Front.

Al-Adnani also said that ISIS would attempt to include a wider variety of races and ethnic groups in future executions and vowed to set up a multicultural “All Deaths Matter” Martyrs Brigade.

ISIS also declared a “period of reflection,” to avoid appearing racially insensitive and called off the remaining events of the day, including crushing several children with a bulldozer and immolating a suspected CIA spy.

One small step for BLM and the Islamic State, one giant step for humankind!

Let us all follow the good example of the holy Islamic State and abandon our wicked ways like dear little children, Insha-Allah.

Perhaps if they intone Insha-Allah often enough, even Klu Klux Klan members will abandon their terrorist activities and cease parading around American college campuses scaring the inmates students.


*Not to be confused with the Bureau of Land Management.



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6 Responses to The Causes of Violent Extremism Remain Mysterious

  1. Tom Carter says:

    There’s an easy cure for Muslims afflicted with the diseases of terrorism and cannibalism. One round through the forehead does it every time!

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