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Life is Not Fair to Beautiful Women!

Beautiful women get all the breaks; except in politics. Forty year old Sofia Vergara is the highest earning woman on television. According to the linked article, Vergara made $19 million over the past year, with $7 million coming from her … Continue reading

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President Obama’s campaign is on the rocks, but . . . .

Most anything can happen in five months and President Obama will do and say whatever he hopes will get him reelected. It probably won’t work, but it could. There are many good reasons to be optimistic that Governor Romney will … Continue reading

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How to turn defeat into another plea for money.

One for the Money, two for the Show, three to get ready and four to go! Here is another e-mail from the Obama Campaign. It pitches the Democrat loss in Wisconsin to seek campaign contributions from the little people so … Continue reading

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New bumper stickers for President Obama

Here are just a few suggestions for Obama Campaign slogans to help everyone understand who he is and why we must reelect him. Providing them is the least I can do and he needs all the help we can give. … Continue reading

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Is Governor Romney an Edsel Republican?

Of course not! Remember the Ford Edsel?  A really spiffy new car with a two-tone paint job, lots of chrome and an unfortunate distraction in front? The Edsel in no manner resembles either the Republican party of today or its … Continue reading

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