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Clash of Civilizations: Islamic vs. Judeo-Christian

Judeo-Christian civilization has nothing in common with, and nothing to gain from, Islamic civilization as it now exists. They have been clashing for centuries. Now, Islamic civilization appears to be winning in much of the European Union and, to a … Continue reading

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Agnosticism, Tolerance and Perceptions of Reality

Many who visit my blog are Christians or Jews. Although I have occasionally mentioned that I am an Agnostic, it seems appropriate to explain why and what that means to me. Nebraskaenergyobserver, one of my favorite bloggers who often reads … Continue reading

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What are “Conservatives?”

We have more agreements than disagreements and should make the most of our agreements. The label “Liberal” has been abused to the point that it no longer has the clear and rather inclusive meaning it once had, an open and … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens’ Death and Conservative Blogs

As almost everyone living in the West and able to read already knows, Christopher Hitchens (1949 – 2011) died yesterday at the age of sixty-two. Conservative fairness toward and even appreciation of Agnostics,  Atheists and others with whom many disagree … Continue reading

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Is Governor Romney a Christian and Does it Matter?

Governor Romney’s Mormon religion is back in the headlines. The Values Voter Summit in Washington this weekend left no doubt about it: The Mormon issue is back. A Texas pastor’s inflammatory remarks here — calling Mormonism a “cult” — thrust … Continue reading

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Part II — Religious doctrine and politics

This article is Part II of a three part series. Part I is available  here and here. Several Mormons have sought the presidency.  Governor Romney currently does, as does Ambassador Huntsman who said in a recent interview that it is … Continue reading

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Religion, Presidential Politics and Morality, Part I

Religion has political components and politics has religious components. Attorney General Holder once called for an “honest discussion” of race, apparently having in mind instead a dishonest one way communication about White “racism.” That hasn’t turned out well. I would … Continue reading

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>If There is No Real God, How About an Artificial One?

>First Published at Blog Critics on May 4, 2010 We need at least to conduct ourselves as though there were one. Judeo-Christian religion in the United States is far from dead, but other religions are increasingly viable. In addition to … Continue reading

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