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The Libruls are Winning. How Can We Win Instead?

Offer free reverse-lobotomies? Probably not. This is a rant. So sue me. A Hell of a Lot! The problems An article at American Thinker is titled Three Reasons Conservatives are Losing the Battle for America. Although it struck me as … Continue reading

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The Democratic People’s Republic of Amerika has changed.

The change has been mainly for the worse. Why have we let the “progressives” get away with it and what can we do about it? An article by Jim Gourdie at Conservatives on Fire suggests that The United States are … Continue reading

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What are “Conservatives?”

We have more agreements than disagreements and should make the most of our agreements. The label “Liberal” has been abused to the point that it no longer has the clear and rather inclusive meaning it once had, an open and … Continue reading

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Support Governor Romney to Preserve the Status Quo.

The Status Quo is Great!Here are the reasons to support Governor Romney: ♥ The transition from President Obama to President Romney will be less traumatic than the transition to any other Republican candidate because they are the most similar; ♥ … Continue reading

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Herman Cain Doesn’t Speak Cuban.

The unmitigated horror of it. Herman Cain has been catching some flack because, in a Cuban restaurant in Miami, he asked how to say “delicious” in Cuban. Doesn’t the cretin know they speak Spanish in Cuba? Sheesh! Maybe Mr. Cain thought … Continue reading

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