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Morlocks want to have us for dinner. Can we decline their invitation?

Are we content to depend on them? Here is a video by Bill Whittle about how many are becoming Eloi and some are becoming Morlocks. According to the organizers of the 2012 Democrat National Convention, we all belong to the … Continue reading

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Obama’s imperial presidency

President Obama was not the first. He is, however, the worst. Jonathan Turley, a liberal in the old fashioned sense and not a librul, opines in an article titled A Question of Power: The Imperial Presidency that although He did not start the … Continue reading

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Baseless charges of “Racism” can effectively obscure substance

Politicians and the media lead the way in yelling “RACISM” to help discredit positions to which no racial matters are pertinent. The United States of Obama and “racism” “Racist” has become an all-purpose word for damning any viewpoint with which libruls disagree. … Continue reading

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The Bundy Ranch and Our loss of freedom, Part II

There’s always more to say when our freedoms are being forfeited. Were the events at the Bundy Ranch newsworthy? Will whatever happens when the Feds return en masse be newsworthy? Is anything newsworthy that casts overreach by the Obama Government in a … Continue reading

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Is the Nation of Rabid Rats advising Palestinians and Iranians on diplomacy?

In 2012, grievously oppressed rabid rats convinced the Obama Administration to grant their demands. They may now be assisting Palestinians and Iranians. However, rumors to that effect have not yet been confirmed. An article about the successes of the Nation of Rabid Rats, … Continue reading

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Common Core, the United States and the Unified State

The United States consist of fifty different states, united for constitutionally specified purposes but not required to be united for others. She is not and should not become a single unified entity. Each of our fifty States is different from the others, … Continue reading

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The Happy Enders’ Club (Fiction)

An article at a12iggymom’s Blog about an environmentalist decision to terminate ninety percent of Mother Gaia’s population starts with this: The Human Race has been declared a hostile species and a threat to the planet: the environmentalists have said so. Obama’s buddy … Continue reading

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