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Old pledge of allegiance and national anthem Banned, New Adopted.

This breaking news is brought to you by CONS (Combined Obama News Services). By Executive Order, President Obama today adopted a New Pledge of Allegiance for the Nation and made recitation of the old version unlawful. He also adopted a … Continue reading

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Negotiating without understanding

When we don’t understand what other countries mean we usually screw up. That can be unhealthy. North Korea is either developing nuclear weapons or it is not. Ditto Iran. Both could give our home-grown “statesmen” lessons in flip-flopping to appeal … Continue reading

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President Obama, Citizen Julia and other Fictitiously Enlightened People.

Reality can be unpleasant. Unreality can bring temporary happiness. Fluff masquerading as news can bring longer lasting ennui. If during the 2008 presidential campaign the media had “vetted” Candidate Obama even tepidly, they might have exposed realities that many would … Continue reading

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President Obama says that same-sex marriage is way cool.

On May 9th, President Obama came out in favor of same-sex marriage; sort of.  Acknowledging that it’s a matter of fairness that remains up to the states, he was planning to get around to it if and when convenient. There … Continue reading

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Trust but verify applies not only to foreign governments.

Governance of a free people requires their continuously earned trust.  Verification is needed to preserve that trust when it is justified and to destroy that trust when it is no longer justified. That is not solely the function of the … Continue reading

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i deserv, i mean lik, yu no, more betr edutasion

the wurld aint fare and i deserv lots more betr stuff then i get.  mostli i deserv a gudd edutasion so i kan hav lotsa monie two liv gud and sav th wurld like i wanna. i weasted twelve years  … Continue reading

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What happens after Korans are burned in Afghanistan?

Who did it, why and under what circumstances? What should and should not be done? The military justice system demands justice for our troops.  It does not permit revenge upon them to curry favor with others, even our enemies. The … Continue reading

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Murderers of the Fogel family in Israel are Heroes

U.S warmongers who urinate on dead Taliban heroes are war criminals. According to this article, Palestinian television aired an interview with the relatives of the Fogel family murderers earlier this month, praising the two cousins convicted with the brutal attack … Continue reading

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Jeremiah the Bullfrog for President

In the grand march for human rights at the United Nations, the edicts of which trump our silly old Constitution,  the regrettably backwards United States must cease her foot dragging. The Human Rights Council leads the way, although with little … Continue reading

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>Comments posted to Judicial Empathy and Experience Article

>Thus far, more than two hundred comments have been posted to my 6 May 2009 article on empathy and judicial experience as criteria for selecting Supreme Court justices, published on this site and in the BlogCritics magazine. As of this … Continue reading

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