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Why do the left generally support the Chavistas in Venezuela?

With three principal exceptions — Panamá, Colombia and Chile — Latin American governments are oriented toward the far left.  An article at Huff & Puff by a self-proclaimed leftist, Carlos González, argues than leftists should not automatically support dictators, even … Continue reading

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Let’s Go No More a Rovin with Karl Rove.

The verb “to rove” has a lot to do with Karl Rove and with what he is trying — successfully — to do for to the Republican Party. A short history of Carl Rove is provided here. I won’t repeat … Continue reading

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Another Historic Moment in President Obama’s Record of Achievement

As President Obama moves ever forward with his historic presidency, he has taken some of his precious time to honor me by expressing his need for my help.  I am very proud to have been among the selected few to … Continue reading

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Breaking news from the Obama 2012 Campaign

The First Lady is a true royal princess. She demands that we all make difficult choices just as she must do daily. Let’s all help her out. Yesterday, I received this urgent e-mail from First Lady Obama (FLO).  All, from … Continue reading

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The Marine Hymn needs to be rewritten, badly. I have tried.

It’s beastly and must never again be sung until changed. Then, we can finally be as proud of our country as we are of President and Mrs. Obama. Here are verses from the disgustingly warlike Marine Hymn. From the Halls … Continue reading

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Let us be Fair, Peaceful and Healthy.

Fairness is good, unfairness is bad. Peace is good, war is bad. ‘Tis better to be rich and healthy than sick and poor. Having brought us courageously from the dark and into The Light, President Obama is also leading us … Continue reading

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President Obama has brought us out of the dark and into the light.

Promised Land, Here we come. Glory Days are upon us! I am so very proud of him that I could . . . . “We have an unbelievable amazing story to sell tell,” First Lady Obama said. “This President has … Continue reading

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How to encourage racism and hatred for political gain

They are easier and more politically useful to encourage than to discourage. Despite claiming in 2008 campaign that he would unite us, President Obama and his allies are doing their best to drive us apart. This YouTube video of our … Continue reading

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I support the Buffett Rule!

No, not the Warren Buffett rule, the Jimmy Buffett rule: a healthy dose of insanity is needed to save us from going insane and to help us to understand what goes on in our world. The Warren Buffett rule was … Continue reading

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