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We can Waste Time or to Begin to Solve our Problems.

There are many pleasant actions that can be taken that won’t do any good. There are others that might at least begin to do some good. These won’t do much good beyond diverting attention from our problems and maybe providing … Continue reading

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The U.S. Constitution and civil war

Emasculating the Constitution is bad way to preserve the nation. The first shots in the United States Civil War were fired by the South during an attack on Fort Sumter a century and a half ago on April 12, 1861, … Continue reading

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Shall we have another Civil War?

That would be a very bad idea. Unhappiness approaching panic is in the air. This article by Roger Kimball suggests some of the reasons: The American poet Frank O’Hara wrote a poem whose title I’ve always admired: “Meditations in an … Continue reading

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