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How should Trump behave during tonight’s debates?

This is a sequel to To bring America back we need to break some stuff. The mainstream media — particularly CNN this evening — as well as most of the Republican candidates, are out to eliminate Trump as a viable candidate. How can he turn their … Continue reading

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Rant | Obama continues to fix the Creator’s worst mistakes

This is a partially updated version of Fixing the Creator’s worst mistakes, published on December 29, 2012. It deals mainly with Islam, Iran, the nuke “deal,” illegal immigration and Obama’s usurpation of power.  Islam and other religions Obama is “our” Imam in Chief … Continue reading

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Understanding multicultural words, phrases and other absurdities

The Obama Nation’s multicultural society has become so politically correct and otherwise obtuse that words and phrases are used in any odd ways that may be desired — just as Humpty Dumpty did. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful … Continue reading

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President Obama, not the Islamic State, is a junior varsity player or worse

Has President Obama finally awakened to reality, or does He remain lost in a dense fog?    According to Secretary Hagel, we must be concerned not only about what we know is out there, but also about “what could be out there and what … Continue reading

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The Obama Administration seems indifferent to the crisis in Venezuela. Why?

Venezuela is closer geographically than, and at least as important to the United States as, Ukraine. Yet the persistently blurred focus of the Obama Administration has been far less on violent Cuban inspired repression in Venezuela than on Russian repression in Ukraine.  Here’s a new presentation by Senator … Continue reading

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Israel can have peace by merely relinquishing her land and security

What could go wrong with that? This is a re-post of an article written last December when Palestinians exercised their universal human right to send missiles and freedom fighters (messengers of peace and love) to hateful Israeli settlements and elsewhere in Palestine. … Continue reading

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They “Negotiated” a Great Deal. Not!

Summation of Rant: It’s bad for America but great for President Obama & Co.  The End the Slowdown and Raise the Debt Ceiling Bill is now “the law of the land.” The Senate passed the bill (81 to 18 with more … Continue reading

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