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Are Islamists becoming Nigerian spam artists?

Here is a great opportunity to support a spam artist help spread the word of Allah. I had to rescue it from my apostate spam filter. What a great chance to win $12,000,000! Allah, Imam Obama and Orgasms for Obama Organizing for … Continue reading

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Peace process partner scam spam

The Israeli – Palestinian “peace process” scam is finally producing results. There’s little worthy of serious note vis a vis the Kerry – Obama  “peace process” for Israel and the Palestinians, beyond its likely failure because key Palestinian leaders are far more dedicated to eliminating … Continue reading

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Obama Campaign solicitations flock to my Spam box like Nigerian e-mails.

There were only two today, but it’s Saturday. Here is another plea I from my great friend, our historically best Vice President ever, Joe. Friend — Election Day will be here in less than four months. And we’re facing a … Continue reading

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