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If we are to Lead, doing so from the Front with Strength, Competence and Conviction is not Optional.

A Stratfor article,¬†From Gadhafi to Benghazi, appears below in its entirety following my comments. It would be great — and so would be our nation — were our leaders to learn from and be guided by it. The United States … Continue reading

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North Korea, Kim Jong-un and the Big Bad Bomb

Unsuccessful negotiations with Iran to avoid nuclear weapons development have been much in the news.¬† Her frequent collaborator North Korea — which has already made and tested nuclear devices — is lurking in the background while we await her delayed … Continue reading

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Will North Korea attempt a nuclear test?

It seems rather likely, soon, although not for the reasons commonly suggested. Motivations for a nuclear test It has been widely speculated that a North Korean nuclear test will follow the embarrassing spectacle of its expensive ($850 million) Friday the … Continue reading

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Should we feed the malnourished North Koreans?

No, not now. Due to the impending launch by the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of (North) Korea (DPRK) of a “weather satellite,” the United States has “suspended” food aid recently offered in exchange for a promise by the DPRK to refrain … Continue reading

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