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November 24th Nuke “deal” with Iran to start to begin to become effective on January 20th

What does it mean? Who knows? When might we learn? Who knows? Acording to a Fox “breaking news” report, Under the deal, Iran agreed to limit its uranium enrichment to 5 percent — the grade commonly used to power reactors. … Continue reading

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No-Negotiate-Obama was only Practicing [Spoof]

In a Presidential Address delivered today, President Obama calmed Wall Street and the rest of the nation by reversing course. Here is the text of the Presidential Address: My fellow Americans, some of you believe that my “no negotiations” stance … Continue reading

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A Librul Tries to Grow Pineapples.

This is a guest post by Senator Ima Librul (D., Utopia) on the fine art of growing pineapples. I am a Librul and justly proud of the great good we are doing for the entire World. This is my creed: … Continue reading

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President Obama May Issue an Important New Executive Order.

Confidential sources of inside information are now very popular. This article is based solely my highly confidential source, the recently restored to duty Teleprompter of the United Status, the Very Honorable Mr. I.M. Totus. According to The Very Honorable Mr. … Continue reading

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NEWS FLASH: The price of helping President Obama to celebrate his birthday has risen.

Until recently, it was possible to win a chance to help President Obama celebrate his birthday by betting only three dollars.  Now, you can pay twenty-five dollars to play. By e-mail received in my SPAM filter on July 16th, our … Continue reading

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Department of Transportation Prepares for President Obama’s Reelection

It recognizes that many of us will need lots more emotional support. Life has improved greatly since the primitive olden days of air travel. On July 5th, the Department of Transportation published its new Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability … Continue reading

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