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Obama plans to restrain media offensiveness to Islam

All the “news” that is fit to print serves Obama. In keeping with Obama’s policy and practice of pressuring “legitimate news media” to follow His desires vis a vis news coverage (see generally Sharyl Attkisson’s Stonewalled), Josh Earnest announced on January 12th: President Barack … Continue reading

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The incestuous Government-Media-Business farce

All the news that fits the desired narrative, and none other, shall be reported by the legitimate “news” media. On February 11, 2013 Vice President Biden said that he and Obama are “counting on…legitimate news media” to help in their gun … Continue reading

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Distorted perceptions of Ferguson, Israel and Islam have similar roots

Those who find “racist” repression of Blacks in Ferguson, “racist” repression of Arabs in Israel and “racist” repression of Muslims by non-Muslims everywhere have much in common.  Leftist and mainstream media perceptions of “repression” by Ferguson’s White minority of its Black majority, … Continue reading

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Christians and Jews are expendable; Islamists are protected.

Why have Christians and Jews become insignificant and why have Islamists become a protected species? Islam and Genocide As observed in an article titled World Ignores Christian Exodus from Islamic World published by The Gatestone Institute on August 6th, There have been … Continue reading

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Media asked to be even more respectful of Islamist sensitivities

Being  respectful toward the sensitivities of Islamists should be easy for the “legitimate” media. They are normally more than respectful toward the sensitivities of the Obama Administration. An April 15th post by Jonathan Turley argues, gently, against catering excessively to Islamic sensitivities. Lawrence Pintak, dean of … Continue reading

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The smartest person in the world offers a New Deal for Iran

Breathtaking in its comprehensive nature, it’s a variation of “We have to do it so you can find out what it means.” With an apparent impasse in the Geneva talks on Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear program, it now seems that history … Continue reading

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President Obama and His Habitual Lying

In 1880, Mark Twain wrote an essay On the Decay of the Art of Lying. The art may have decayed, but the habit flourishes at the White House. Lies come in at least three flavors Lies told to be kind: We … Continue reading

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