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The Islamic State is winning

The threats posed by the Islamic State are palpable and growing. While the Obama Nation and much of the West think short term and lead from behind, our enemies think long term and lead from the front. The Long War Journal is … Continue reading

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North Korea Invaded South Korea Today in 1950

The attack surprised South Korean President Syngman Rhee and General Douglas MacArthur, who lived in Tokyo and was busy there presiding over Occupied Japan. Many things are quite different now but in other respects remain similar. I had hoped to write an … Continue reading

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Cult of Personality: Who comes to mind?

North Korea, Venezuela and other countries have them. Instead of freedom they provide a benevolent hero to worship. The leader of a cult of personality has real power in his own right and/or is a front for others, some of whom … Continue reading

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Israel faces a threat far greater than did the United States in 2001.

The damage done to the United States on September 11, 2001 was horrific. Yet we are able each year to hold somber Nine-Eleven remembrances. Should the greater and more obvious threat now facing Israel not be countered, there may be … Continue reading

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Enlightened self-interest and international relations

In theory, it may beat commonly praised alternatives. But to what extent can we rely on it in practice? Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872 – 1970) was a British mathematician and philosopher. He wrote prolifically in both disciplines … Continue reading

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The Center of the Earth, North Korea and Different Cultures.

Reality is often not as we think or wish it were. I spent the past couple of days writing this article about the impacts of Korean culture and history on its future as well as ours now that Kim Jong-il … Continue reading

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Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Korea are Necessary.

Although from the same culture, the two Koreas are now very different. In February of this year, North Korea celebrated the sixty-ninth birthday of Dear (not really) Leader Kim Jong-il. Following the official announcement at noon on December 19th of … Continue reading

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The Korean Situation is Highly Complex and Difficult

It’s not your grandfather’s world. In 1910 Korea, long under Japanese military occupation, was formally annexed by Japan. North and South Korea have been divided more or less along the 38th parallel since 1948. This flowed from the 1945 surrender … Continue reading

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The Past is Prologue.

Sixty-one years ago, on June 25,  1950,  North Korea “unexpectedly” invaded South Korea. The events leading up to the invasion are, of course, now ancient history, little considered in evaluating current events. Stalin, Mao and Kim il-Sung are dead. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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