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The European Union — Coming to a state near you?

How far down the rabbit hole will we have to follow the mad hare before we realize that we are in a lunatic asylum? On May 12th, I posted an article titled Bureaucratic supremacy, the U.S. and the European Union, suggesting that … Continue reading

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If GOP takes the Senate, what happens?

The Trifecta predictions are gloomy, but not necessarily correct if we get enough conservatives — who say what they mean and mean what they say — into both houses of the Congress. We need to try. Beyond that, and also beyond whether … Continue reading

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Herd behavior, political correctness and our Republic

Groups of people often emulate flocks of sheep. Sheep are not politically correct, but political correctness appears to be a subset of herd behavior. In October of 2012 I wrote that Political Correctness is a Communicable Disease. Political correctness (also … Continue reading

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America Loses Power, Russia gets More

Forbes magazine named Russian President Vladimir Putin the most powerful man in the world on Wednesday, October 30th, ranking him ahead of U.S. President Obama. But Obama is a cute little President. As an introduction to what has been happening, here is a … Continue reading

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They “Negotiated” a Great Deal. Not!

Summation of Rant: It’s bad for America but great for President Obama & Co.  The End the Slowdown and Raise the Debt Ceiling Bill is now “the law of the land.” The Senate passed the bill (81 to 18 with more … Continue reading

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When things keep going wrong We should change how We deal with them

The Republican Party is broken. Its leadership has great difficulty doing anything beyond yielding to the Obama Machine. Can the party be fixed, or should it be put out of our misery. Here’s the RINO view: It hasn’t worked very well. … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole to ObamaLand

President Obama is the Queen of Hearts and RINOs are His tame flamingos. When Alice fell down a rabbit hole she encountered many odd creatures, including the Queen of Hearts who was fond of yelling “off with their Heads” and … Continue reading

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