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Impact on Unicorns to be Dispositive as to all Energy Projects

Finally, President Obama has seen the way, the truth and the light. Let all unicorns praise him, along with the little children! Help President Obama to save us! According to this article at National Review, President Obama may approve the … Continue reading

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A Librul Tries to Grow Pineapples.

This is a guest post by Senator Ima Librul (D., Utopia) on the fine art of growing pineapples. I am a Librul and justly proud of the great good we are doing for the entire World. This is my creed: … Continue reading

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We shall bring Equal Education to all of Our Subjects.

They shall have it regardless of whether they want it. We shall do this by equalizing outcomes for all. Thus spake our Lord and Master. Thanks and a tip of the hat to John Malcolm and the Daily Caller for … Continue reading

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Thank you, Government, for permitting success. Or something.

I was going to re-blog an article written by Mike at Make an Effort.  I agree with what he said there. However, when I got to writing a short comment for the re-blog it quickly got too long.  So, here … Continue reading

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