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UKIP Is Better but Is No Solution [Plus my comments on relevance to U.S. politics]

This article is republished¬†with permission from Enza Ferreri’s blog. But first, My introduction Please consider the similarities and differences among the UK Independence Party (UKIP), the Republican Party and the “Tea Parties,” with emphasis on the Republican and Tea Parties.¬†Here … Continue reading

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Should we have another party before giving American away?

The Republican and Democrat parties seem essentially to have merged. Here’s a link to an article about Venezuelan politics by Daniel Duquenal. As far as I am aware, he is the only English language blogger still in Venezuela. In I … Continue reading

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GOP Re-brands as the New Coke

Here is an excellent YouTube video by Bill Whittle of PJTV Afterburner. Mr. Whittle makes quite valid points and we — as well as the Grand Obsolete Party (GOP) — should take them (and him) seriously. Will the GOP do … Continue reading

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