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Will the United States Make the Fantasies of a Young North Korean Come True?

How close are we to becoming what the young girl in this North KoreanĀ  video thinks all countries should become? The Religion of Kim in North Korea The North Korean propaganda video presented below was released several years ago and … Continue reading

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We can Waste Time or to Begin to Solve our Problems.

There are many pleasant actions that can be taken that won’t do any good. There are others that might at least begin to do some good. These won’t do much good beyond diverting attention from our problems and maybe providing … Continue reading

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The U.S. Constitution, Contraception and Abortion

The United States Constitution provides for specified individual rights. However, it does not require that we pay, other than through constitutionally authorized taxes or borrowed funds, for others to exercise even those specified rights. It appears to be the contention … Continue reading

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