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The Religion of Kim in North Korea

North Korea worships the Kim Dynasty. Religion takes many forms. Some find various forms desirable, some find them undesirable. This article looks at religion in North Korea, where there is little if anything to find desirable from a Western perspective … Continue reading

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The U.S. Constitution and civil war

Emasculating the Constitution is bad way to preserve the nation. The first shots in the United States Civil War were fired by the South during an attack on Fort Sumter a century and a half ago on April 12, 1861, … Continue reading

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The Center of the Earth, North Korea and Different Cultures.

Reality is often not as we think or wish it were. I spent the past couple of days writing this article about the impacts of Korean culture and history on its future as well as ours now that Kim Jong-il … Continue reading

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Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Korea are Necessary.

Although from the same culture, the two Koreas are now very different. In February of this year, North Korea celebrated the sixty-ninth birthday of Dear (not really) Leader Kim Jong-il. Following the official announcement at noon on December 19th of … Continue reading

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Kim Jong-il has passed to his long hoped for reward.

Will the son of the Wicked Warlock be any better? Here is my article, published this afternoon at PJ Media, on the unlamented (except perhaps by those in North Korea who know their place) passing of North Korean dictator and … Continue reading

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Let’s declare victory in the war on street drugs.

Brother’s keeper? Big Government is no kindly brother; it’s a bully. Remember the Darwin Awards? They are said to be given posthumously to those whose irresponsible antics prevent them from continuing to pollute the gene pool. Voluntary users of street … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens’ Death and Conservative Blogs

As almost everyone living in the West and able to read already knows, Christopher Hitchens (1949 – 2011) died yesterday at the age of sixty-two. Conservative fairness toward and even appreciation of Agnostics,  Atheists and others with whom many disagree … Continue reading

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Another death in the family.

Yesterday afternoon, our Colombian Paso Fino gelding, Flash, died at the age of about nine. That amounts to three horses dead in about six months, all apparently from piroplasmosis, a tick borne disease that affects red blood cells. First Teka … Continue reading

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Conservation for the sake of our children is far more important than mere cost.

Green stuff is scarce and is too important to waste. According to this article, Last week, the Navy signed a contract with two biofuel companies to purchase 450,000 gallons of advanced biofuels at $12 million to assist in President Obama’s … Continue reading

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Ex General Noriega Returns to Panamá

What happens next? After being jailed in the United States and then in France for more than twenty years, the former Panamanian dictator was extradited to Panamá, where he arrived on the evening of December 11th.  He is now in … Continue reading

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