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Originally posted on The Devil's Excrement:
I have been pondering about the new foreign exchange auction system SICAD since it was first discussed. Besides all of its weirdness, what I have had the toughest time dealing with is very…

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Originally posted on The Devil's Excrement:
El Mundo and financial sources are reporting that in the first SICAD auction, the average price at which the Government will sell foreign currency is over Bs. 10. Different sources say different numbers,…

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Islam is The Only True Religion of Peace, not Terror.

This is a “guest post” by Sheik Mohamed ali-Baba, a well known Islamic scholar, “humanitarian,” redistributionist and spokesman for al Qaeda. My own comments follow his rant. I, Sheik Mohamed ali-Baba, graced these otherwise perverted and insignificant pages last year … Continue reading

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Yep. But why are there no camels in London? Is their absence a sign of discrimination against those who subscribe to the Religion of Whirled Peas World Peace?

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Originally posted on Boudica BPI Weblog:
Good grief whoda thunk? Peoples Cube has a good sense of humor, LOL. Taliban to Send Peace-Keeping Advisers to Chicago As negotiations for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan have once again come to a…

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Three Articles About Venezuela Today

One suggests some basis for hope, another writes about oppression by Chavistas and the third pursues the same theme. El Presidente for Life, THugo Ch├ívez, died on or before March 5, 2013. He may have died in Cuba, in Venezuela … Continue reading

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Is Earth becoming Purgatory or Hell?

Or is it already one or the other? I don’t know the answer, but the question is a basis for this article. I am not a student of religion and know little of Roman Catholic doctrine concerning Purgatory and Hell. … Continue reading

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An Excellent Summation of the Situation in Venezuela Today

Chavez is dead. Is Venezuela? Daniel, one of my two favorite bloggers on things Venezuelan, published this article today. It summarizes what’s wrong with Venezuela today and does not raise any false hopes for her immediate future. Her future is … Continue reading

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Impact on Unicorns to be Dispositive as to all Energy Projects

Finally, President Obama has seen the way, the truth and the light. Let all unicorns praise him, along with the little children! Help President Obama to save us! According to this article at National Review, President Obama may approve the … Continue reading

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China, Iran and North Korea — a radioactive stew

It’s being prepared for our dinner. Should we eat it? How would it affect us and What should be done instead? Relations between China and North Korea seem, cosmetically, to be getting chillier. China joined the unanimous U.N. Security Council … Continue reading

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