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One small step for income equality — a modest proposal

If we are to achieve President Obama’s fantasy of more income equality, let’s  start with our CongressCritters. Movement toward income equality — for those who work productively and for those who don’t — is generally a bad idea. The result … Continue reading

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Hail to the Chief! Of What?

When He appears officially it is played. Who is the Chief? Of what? Writing about Hail to the Chief here, I observed that President Obama is the chief only of the military. The lyrics are not usually sung. Here they are: … Continue reading

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The Government’s in the Very Best of Paws.

Recognizing his superior wisdom, President Obama has delegated all tasks that involve governing to First Dog Bo. Peace in our time is finally coming. Down, Barry! I’ve got work to do. Anyone with two or more family dogs recognizes that, … Continue reading

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Obstructionists Must Yield so President Obama Doesn’t Eat First Dog Bo.

Unless obstructionists agree to raise taxes on the filthy rich and give President Obama authority to increase the debt ceiling unilaterally, He and his family will have to eat First Dog Bo. Not even House Speaker Boehner’s tears had persuaded … Continue reading

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