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If Reason and Compromise don’t Work, how about Music? Civil War could be a bad Alternative.

Music and verse have long encouraged churches, nations and others. Perhaps it’s time to try that again. Yesterday, I posted this piece because it provided a brief respite from the horrors of what now passes for civilization. It includes two … Continue reading

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We Must all Bow to the Great American God Obama.

Let us prey on the wicked rich oligarchs and rejoice in the Wisdom of Obama as He wisely commands. President Obama, a lowly community organizer man of humble origins, has now revealed himself as the Great American God, our Lord … Continue reading

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Headlines Should be Written Carefully.

Here is the headline over a Thanksgiving story: Bidens Host Wounded Warriors for Thanksgiving. Of course, the Bidens’ host hadn’t actually wound any warriors for Thanksgiving, or at least the story didn’t suggest that it had happened. The absence of … Continue reading

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