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Red Lines, Syria and Incompetence

 Well thought out red lines can be drawn, successfully. Ill conceived red lines can easily make a bad situation much worse. An article from Stratfor is republished following my initial comments. My initial comments: Great care needs to be taken … Continue reading

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Obama Continues to Ignore Economy for Liberal Agenda

Originally posted on Right Hook:
Remember when President Obama claimed he “would not rest” until Americans were back to work?  Remember how he promised a “laser-like focus” on jobs?  Well, it appears Obama has some serious ADD.  According to the…

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The closing of the Yale University mind

Originally posted on Charles Rowley's Blog:
On Thursday April 25, 2013, Donald Kagan made his farewell address to Yale University. The 80-year old scholar of Ancient Greece provided a biting critique of American higher education in general and of…

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The Good Guys are Losing. Why?

Can’t we just wait for heroes to save us? That’s easy but won’t work. A fascinating article titled The Good Guys are Not Coming to Save Us was posted on April 23rd at Free-Man’s Perspective. The first paragraph observes, A lot of Americans … Continue reading

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Freedom can be Taken. When Inherited or otherwise Given, does it Last?

If taken at great cost, it often lasts for quite a while. If inherited, not that long. If given, it is even more readily perishable.  The United States gained their freedom, by force and at great cost, from those who used … Continue reading

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About that Boston thing: America, I have some questions.

Originally posted on Socialism is not the Answer:
On Eagle’s Wings by: Mike Ferguson This may tick off some folks. If that’s you, I don’t apologize but feel free to write your disagreement in the comments. As long as they…

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Chavismo Evolves Into Madurismo-Fascismo

Originally posted on The Devil's Excrement:
Its been an amazing week. Seeing Chavismo change to Madurism, the same s.. with a much higher dose of fascism in which threatening the other almost half (Or is it half ?) of…

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Leadership: Preparation and the Staff (2)

Excellent post. This is my favorite part of it, at the end. the real trait we see in all six of these men is that they absolutely took responsibility for what they did. Remember Eisenhower’s draft dispatch for the failure … Continue reading

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More “Thrill Killing” – Paramedic Quinn Boyer, 34, Shot While Just Driving Through Oakland Hills…. The Media Hides Race of Perps, and Puzzles about Motive…. Yet AGAIN !

I guess one reaction might be, “well, so what else is new?” Unfortunately, it is neither new nor diminishing.

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Venezuelan Election Postmorten: Maduro Ain’t Chávez

Originally posted on The Devil's Excrement:
Independent of the outcome of the audit (Just think, besides the irregularities and votes abroad, 166,000 people could not vote because the border was closed ahead of time and 140,000 new voters were…

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