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EXCLUSIVE: The Teleprompter of the United States Tells All

We are greatly privileged to have the very highest Obama Administration official ever as our guest author today. President Obama’s eminence grise, The Really Honorable I.M. Totus, is uniquely qualified to tell us many things. * * * * * … Continue reading

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Trust but verify applies not only to foreign governments.

Governance of a free people requires their continuously earned trust.  Verification is needed to preserve that trust when it is justified and to destroy that trust when it is no longer justified. That is not solely the function of the … Continue reading

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Jeremiah the Bullfrog for President

In the grand march for human rights at the United Nations, the edicts of which trump our silly old Constitution,  the regrettably backwards United States must cease her foot dragging. The Human Rights Council leads the way, although with little … Continue reading

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>What’s With the Birthers?

>First published by BlogCritics on 7 August 2009 Even if President Obama was born in Kenya, it’s too late to do much about it. According to a 2 August “breaking news” item from WorldNetDaily, a purported copy of President Obama’s … Continue reading

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