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President Obama’s Approval Rating tops 100 Percent!

President Obama, rightfully jealous of the immense popularity of his rival, North Korea’s Kim Chi-un, has managed to surpass him. North Korean women joyfully considering the bright futures of their children under Kim Chi-un After long running neck with North … Continue reading

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North Korea’s Nukes and the Ferocious Kim Jong-un

Will the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) test another atomic bomb soon and will the test “target” the United States? It seems likely, but how might it be done? The world has been awaiting another North Korean nuclear test … Continue reading

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Every one of them is excellent.

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Auschwitz and the Holocaust

Colonel Tom Carter posted this yesterday at Opinion Forum. He has graciously authorized me to re-post it here. International Holocaust Remembrance Day, created in 2005 by a UN General Assembly resolution, coincides with the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp … Continue reading

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What Purposes Would Federal Background Checks and Firearm Registries Serve?

Probably not only the purposes our devoted civil savants advance to justify them I’m not a stupid racist, so you don’t scare me! Uh, you do work for the DHS — don’t you? * * * * * * Stuff … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Devil's Excrement:
Relatives of prisoners grieve when they learn of the deaths of their relatives When Venezuela’s fake Vice President Maduro called the deaths of 61 prisoners in a weapons search at the Uribana prison…

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Government employees are too often given excessive discretion, and therefore excessive power to do as they may please, at the expense of others. If the rights of the people are to be respected, that may well suggest that the laws … Continue reading

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This is great! Another step for Islamism and another giant step for multiculturalism. I am so proud of the Obama Administration that I could [multiple expletives deleted]. Will State and local boards of education begin to wonder why they allowed … Continue reading

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The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Interpretation

Part III Part I dealt with guns and the Second Amendment. Part II dealt mainly with the First Amendment. This Part III looks at the origins and purposes of the Bill of Rights and questions the direction in which our … Continue reading

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The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit is far from being a “right wing-nut” court and is among the most highly regarded of the nation’s Federal Courts of Appeal. The three judge panel’s unanimous interpretation of the Constitution in … Continue reading

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