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Living in Panam√°, Social Security, Medicare, Me and More.

Many problems face the nation and President Obama has shown that his administration is not able even to begin to solve them. Someone posted this on my Face Book wall You’re Panamanian. You’re living on Medicare. You’re living on Social … Continue reading

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Are the New Black Panthers joining forces with Allen West?

Of course not.¬† But a few recent comments suggest one possibly significant area of agreement. That’s good, not bad. Congressman Allen West, LTC U.S. Army, Ret., abhorred by the left, has been damned for claiming that Blacks should leave the … Continue reading

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President Obama is Incompetent and the Unicorns he rode in on are Devious.

Unfortunately, he remains the President and the supposed head of the Democrat Party still in control of the Senate. We need to get past the debt limit mess, soon. (Picture courtesy of Flicker) On July 23rd, as they had on … Continue reading

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Advance text of President Obama’s best speech ever.

This is an advance text of the speech President Obama is scheduled to deliver to the nation following the partisan rejection of his final compromise to end the debt standoff and to ensure enduring national prosperity. Provided by a highly … Continue reading

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Social Security is a Ponzi scheme . . . But.

It is claimed by President Obama and many others that Social Security retirements benefits must be on the cutting table during negotiations over raising the national debt limit. It may happen, and then we will see which party does the … Continue reading

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