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Trump should propose real debates

The first presidential “debate” was a farce. The next presidential “debates” will likely be as well. Rather than submit to biased mainstream media moderators (but I repeat myself), Trump should propose real debates, in addition to or as substitutes for … Continue reading

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Let’s Go No More a Rovin with Karl Rove.

The verb “to rove” has a lot to do with Karl Rove and with what he is trying — successfully — to do for to the Republican Party. A short history of Carl Rove is provided here. I won’t repeat … Continue reading

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The Democratic People’s Republic of Amerika has changed.

The change has been mainly for the worse. Why have we let the “progressives” get away with it and what can we do about it? An article by Jim Gourdie at Conservatives on Fire suggests that The United States are … Continue reading

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The Republican Presidential Debates for 2016 Need to be Better.

The 2011 – 2012 debates were a disaster. This is a modest proposal for changes “we can believe in.” They are needed if Republicans are to win the presidency in 2016. For reasons which need not detain us except to … Continue reading

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Benghazi and President Obama’s Foreign Policy — Proactive or Reactive?

President Obama’s foreign policy has provided many examples of leading from behind. The expression “leading from behind,” as used in this article, means: 1. Waiting while allies decide what to do and then following along. Doing that assumes substantial congruity … Continue reading

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Meet President Obama’s Special Economic Adviser.

She was little known before her appearance on a local radio call-in program. Classical economic theory is based largely on principles of causation and assumptions of rational behavior coupled with the free flow of information and minimal governmental interference. Under … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda Endorses President Obama; Tonight’s Debate to be affected.

Boosting President Obama’s reelection chances Sheik Mohamed ali-Baba, principal spokesman for al Qaeda, demanded that President Obama be reelected. Sheik Mohamed ali-Baba, a well known Islamic scholar, humanitarian, redistributionist and principal spokesman for al Qaeda, today cited the reelection of … Continue reading

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