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GOP Re-brands as the New Coke

Here is an excellent YouTube video by Bill Whittle of PJTV Afterburner. Mr. Whittle makes quite valid points and we — as well as the Grand Obsolete Party (GOP) — should take them (and him) seriously. Will the GOP do … Continue reading

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Let’s Go No More a Rovin with Karl Rove.

The verb “to rove” has a lot to do with Karl Rove and with what he is trying — successfully — to do for to the Republican Party. A short history of Carl Rove is provided here. I won’t repeat … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with the Tea Party?

Let’s have a (tea) party! Is this the establishment view of conservatives? The main problems are Republican leadership views as reflected in their actions and statements, media portrayals coupled with dejection sometimes leading to lethargy following last year’s presidential election … Continue reading

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