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If Reason and Compromise don’t Work, how about Music? Civil War could be a bad Alternative.

Music and verse have long encouraged churches, nations and others. Perhaps it’s time to try that again. Yesterday, I posted this piece because it provided a brief respite from the horrors of what now passes for civilization. It includes two … Continue reading

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President Barack Hubris Obama

In well over his head, he is too dangerous to reelect. We probably won’t do that. From majestic Greek columns made of Styrofoam provided at his nomination acceptance speech in 2008 to praise for his occasional vocalizations, President Obama’s already … Continue reading

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New bumper stickers for President Obama

Here are just a few suggestions for Obama Campaign slogans to help everyone understand who he is and why we must reelect him. Providing them is the least I can do and he needs all the help we can give. … Continue reading

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Candidate Obama was Prescient about Greece.

Realizing even then that a small nation would show the way during his first term in office, Candidate Obama materialized against a backdrop of sturdy Styrofoam Greek columns to accept his 2008 presidential nomination. Our Great Leader President consistently understands … Continue reading

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