Islam’s war on Israel

Islam, the religion of death not peace, continues its winning streak. President Obama shows many signs of approval.

Obama laughs

An article posted by Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine and republished at Warsclerotic is titled “Israel’s War with the Muslim Brotherhood.” It makes a powerful case supporting this thesis:

Israel has become a flashpoint in the region because it is the only place where an armed non-Muslim minority has been able to make a stand against Muslim genocide.  Israel has been fighting the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza since right after the Holocaust. Its soldiers are fighting so that the same forces that have been ethnically cleansing the Christians and Jews of the Middle East do not reach Israel. [Emphasis added.]

Mr. Greenfield’s entire article is well worth reading.

In my view, the greatest threat to Israel, the United States and the rest of the free, democratic and civilized world is the religion of peace death, of which the Muslim Brotherhood is a member and within which it has powerful allies. The Muslim Brotherhood also has Islamic clients such as Hamas, currently more generously supported by Iran due to the Brotherhood’s fall from grace in Egypt, which President Obama had tried to prevent.

Perhaps President Obama does not view the Islamic threat as Islamic. If and to the extent that He realizes the nature of the Islamic threat, He either does not mind or approves. He very rarely interrupts his fund raising, golf games, vacations, photo op efforts (or such other duties as He may think He has) to emit shrill noises complaining about any Islamic entity, and then only when politically convenient to do so — without noting that its actions are Islamic.

Recently, He offered obligatory pro-forma support for Israel’s right to defend against Hamas’ missiles and her terrorists who emerge from tunnels to kill or capture Israelis. However, He then admonished Israel to reduce civilian casualties in Gaza by showing more “restraint.” He thereby suggested that Israel is not already excising the maximum restraint reasonably possible. She is, in the face of Hamas’ successful efforts to put non-combatants in the line of fire to increase the numbers of photogenic “civilian” casualties and hence to garner popular and governmental approval and support.

Hamas does not want peace. It wants death, certainly for Israel and for enough of its own “martyrs” to show to the world and to claim that their sad deaths were due to Israel’s vile aggression. Israel should not have to submit that that sort of warfare, and neither should any other state or human.


Obama First Jewish President


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US Support Wavering? Obama Has ‘Serious Concern’ Over Gaza Casualties


Dispatching a brigade of His most persuasive unicorns to deal with civilian casualties in Gaza is the best solution President Obama has yet considered. Might another Nobel Peace Prize be awarded and, if so, will it be for the unicorns or President Obama?

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US Support Wavering? Obama Has ‘Serious Concern’ Over Gaza Casualties, The Jewish PressHana Levi Julian, July 21, 2014

(A not yet viral rumor that President Obama intends to dispatch a brigade of his most persuasive unicorns to Gaza to discuss civilian casualties with Hamas, et al, has not yet been confirmed. However, his unicorn offensive may follow collapse of the cease fire negotiations Secretary Kerry hopes to play with advance. — DM)

Secy of State John Kerry is on his way to the region to begin efforts to force another ‘cease fire’ down Israel’s throat before the threat from Hamas is ended.

Obama-on-phone-aboard-Air-Force-OneUS President Barack Obama speaking on phone aboard Air Force One, July 17, 2014. Photo Credit: White

Israel’s ‘strongest supporter’ is already wavering. Doubts about the wisdom of continuing Operation Protective Edge are being expressed from the White House as soon as the IDF struck a decisive blow in…

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Five IDF task forces begin driving into Gaza City. Israel draws up over-plan for control of the Gaza Strip


Go for it!

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Five IDF task forces begin driving into Gaza City. Israel draws up over-plan for control of the Gaza Strip.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report July 21, 2014, 10:09 AM (IDT)

Israeli paratroops fighting in Gaza

The IDF’s Shejaiya operation in the Gaza Strip continues apace, carried forward by five task forces now heading for the center of Gaza City amid casualties on both sides. Sunday, July 20, Israel’s crack Golani Brigades lost 18 fighters, without slowing down, compared with 170 Palestinian fatalities.

debkafile’s military sources report that each task force, the size of half a division, is an integrated amalgam of air, armored, artillery and engineering forces, capable of operating almost autonomously in field combat. The buildup of the last 24 hours has expanded Israel’s fighting strength in the Gaza Strip to a total of 75,000 men, the largest ever fielded in this territory. Because of its scale, Israeli leaders are referring to Defensive…

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Does Obama Realize the Stakes in Gaza?


It is quite unlikely that President Obama knows what’s happening in Gaza. If He did know, He would not much care unless it could be spun to His political advantage. Even if He did know and care, and even if He sought to do the “right thing” to help Israel, He would make matters worse, rather than better. In view of the consequences of all of His efforts across the entire Middle East, there is no reason to expect anything from Him helpful to Israel or to our few other remaining allies.

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Does Obama Realize the Stakes in Gaza? Commentary MagazineJonathan S. Tobin, July 20, 2014

(Unless it penetrates his echo chamber, which it rarely does, President Obama seems to have little comprehension of what’s happening or how it affects U.S. citizens or the few remaining U.S. allies. If he did understand, would he care? — DM)

After weeks of waiting patiently for the rockets to stop before ordering troops into Gaza in what is still a limited campaign, Netanyahu may be waking up to the fact that the stakes have been altered in the conflict. There are signs, albeit tentative ones, that his government is realizing that nothing short of ending the Hamas’s control of Gaza will end the current nightmare in which much of the Israeli population is being forced to take shelter from rocket fire.

The best thing the U.S. could do to both stop the fighting…

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Netanyahu to UN’s Ban: no symmetry between terror organizations and democratic country

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Netanyahu to UN’s Ban: no symmetry between terror organizations and democratic country, Jerusalem Post, By Herb Keinon, July 19, 2014

(Here they go again with the faux “proportionality” nonsense. Israel does all that she can reasonably to avoid civilian casualties while Hamas, et al, do everything within their power to increase them — and not only in Israel. — DM)

UN Secretary-General heads to the Middle East, amid key voices around the world supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, while expressing concern about the civilian casualties in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said Ban was “prepared to do his part” to end the violence. Feltman said that while Israel has legitimate security concerns, the United Nations “is alarmed by Israel’s heavy response.”

Regarding the ground incursion, Feltman said that Ban is “extremely concerned that this escalation will further increase the already appalling death toll among Gazan…

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Songs that King Obama needs

RINOs should also consider them.

This is about His problems, none of which are His fault (He claims):

This explains what He needs:

This is a gentle reminder about whose country America is:


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Hamas Tries to Pass Off “Final Destination” Horror Movie as Israeli Atrocity


Hamas is not even competent at faking Israeli “atrocities.”

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Hamas Tries to Pass Off “Final Destination” Horror Movie as Israeli Atrocity, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, July 16, 2014

(Hamas gets an “A” for plagiaristic creativity. — DM)

The-Final-Destination-stephanie-honore-23070297-580-371-450x287It’s the Zionist FX department!

Final Destination 4 may be bad. It may even be an atrocity, but that’s not Netanyahu’s fault. Blame it on the Anti-Zionist Weinstein brothers.

Israel advocacy group StandWithUs on Tuesday posted a clip from Hollywood horror flick ‘The Final Destination 4′ that was used to create another fake that circulated widely on Facebook falsely depicting Israel killing civilians.

In the scene, a group of young Americans are thrown into chaos when a projectile lands on an actress’s head.

The next shot, of the girl lying dead on the ground, with her head next to her, became a Hamas propaganda pic that was shared across social media. It was captioned, “Israeli Air Force kills children in…

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