Kerry Trying To Save Hamas, Restore Muslim Brotherhood


The failures of President Obama and His Secretary of State are among the most “historic” aspects of President Obama’s time in office. Their efforts to support Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and its various Islamist friends are likely to fail as well. Be that as it may, their efforts are contrary to the interests of the United States. They are also contrary to the interests of Israel and others who desire peace in the Middle East.

Secretary Kerry should take a very long sailing sabbatical and President Obama should devote the remainder of His time in office to fund raising, photo ops and annoying any more or less sensible members of His party.

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Kerry Trying To Save Hamas, Restore Muslim Brotherhood, Gatestone InstituteKhaled Abu Toameh, July 31, 2014

There is growing concern in Ramallah, Cairo, Riyadh and Dubai that the U.S. Administration is working to prevent the collapse of Hamas.

“The Americans mistakenly think that moderate political Islam, which is represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, will be able to combat radical Islam. The Americans are trying to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to the region.” — Palestinian official, Ramallah.

The Iranians, with whom the U.S. is now negotiating on nuclear weapons — amid fears in the Middle East that the U.S. will capitulate to Tehran’s demands if it has not effectively capitulated to them already — have now joined Qatar and Turkey in opposing any attempt to confiscate Hamas’s weapons.

The Paris conference was actually a spit in the face to the anti-Hamas forces in the Arab world. By failing…

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Turkish ‘Humanitarian Aid’ to Gaza: Ball-Bearings, Cement Mixers


Let’s have a contest to decide the best humanitarian uses (in Gaza today) for the cement mixers and ball bearings generously sought to be provided by Turkey. Here are my suggestions:

The cement mixers can be used to mix bread ingredients. Loaves of bread can then be baked in surplus World War II era ovens and used to feed the starving people of Gaza.

The ball bearings can amuse the remaining children of Gaza who have neither suitable video games nor other toys. They can use them rather like marbles, of which they have none due to the Zionist occupation and blockades.

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Turkish ‘Humanitarian Aid’ to Gaza: Ball-Bearings, Cement Mixers, Israel National News, Ari Soffer, July 31, 2014

Is Turkey supporting war against Israel? Customs officials seize ‘humanitarian’ aid, fear suspicious cargo destined for Hamas.

ball bearingsBall-bearings are commonly used by terrorists as shrapnel in Qassam rockets Thinkstock

The timing of those specific items of “humanitarian aid” is particularly suspicious; Gaza’s civilian population are hardly appealing for fresh supplies of ball-bearings, and rebuilding targets struck by the Israeli Air Force while it is still operating over Gaza’s skies seems a rather unfruitful endeavor.

For their part, the owners of the seized container claim that the mixers were not specifically meant for making cement, but for other, unspecified, uses. They added that the ball-bearings were meant for use in the mixers.

Customs officials at southern Israel’s Ashdod port discovered hundreds of ball-bearings and cement mixers in a Turkish shipment of “humanitarian aid” to…

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Allen West on U.S. Borders, Israel, Islam and Obama policies in general

LTC Allen West (U.S. Army, Ret.) should be, at least, the
next U.S. Secretary of State or Defense.
Or perhaps our Secretary of Political Incorrectness. 

The video embedded below deals with many Obama-related subjects, including impeachment, the invasion across our southern border, the “reset” with Russia and the Israeli – Palestinian  conflict.

The video was posted at Washington Free Beacon with the indented quotations provided below relating to Israel and her Islamist enemies. My comments follow the quotations to which they are pertinent.

Former congressman Lt. Col. Allen West says the United States “should allow Israel to crush Hamas.”

It should not be up to The United States of Obama to control Israel’s actions to crush Hamas, an Islamist terrorist organization sworn to destroy the only reasonably free and democratic nation in the Middle East. Nor should any other nation dictate what Israel may or may not do in defense of her very existence. President Obama either fails to realize this or disagrees. Similarly, it should not be up to any other nation (or the United Nations) to dictate our actions to defend (or, if it’s what we desire, to eliminate) our southern border.

Appearing on WMAL radio in Washington, D.C., West told co-host Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor, “We should sit down with … all those who understand that this move of radical Islamism in the Middle East has to be crushed.”

LTC West is very familiar with Islam and understands that it is the greatest threat to western civilization ever invented. It thrives in stone-age cultures and destroys whatever little progress they may have made toward civilization. It is encouraged to thrive in the Multicultural United States of Obama and, should that continue, will also lead us away from civilization.

President Obama apparently approves of Islam, and on July 27th praised Muslims for “helping to build the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.” Right. Islam seeks to destroy the fabric of our nation and to eliminate the core of our democracy.

President Obama, like Islamists, also seeks to destroy the very fabric of our nation and to eliminate the core of our democracy; He is doing His best worst to transform the United States of Obama accordingly.

Leveling harsh criticism on President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, West questioned whether the world knows whose side we are on in the Middle East.

“He has been an absolute catastrophe,” West said with regard to Kerry. “President Obama, I don’t understand who he sides with. We have fled Libya because the ‘militia and rebels’ who we supported have now caused us to get out of Libya because they are Islamists,” West continued. “He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and now that General el-Sisi has gotten rid of the Muslim Brotherhood, he does not want to support Egypt.” [Emphasis added.]

“We are on the wrong side in the Middle East,” he concluded. “Israel sees it.”

Obama, Kerry and others in the Obama Administration don’t acknowledge which side they are on but reject suggestions that they may be on the wrong side. They are.

There is nothing in President Obama’s foreign “policy” of which I am aware that makes sense from perspectives of the national interests of the United States or those of our friends and allies. His foreign “policy” does, however, make sense from the perspectives of Islam, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and others which He should, but does not, see as our enemies. To the extent that He is instrumental in structuring U.S. foreign and domestic policy and transforming America into a “multicultural” paradise, that appears to be intentional.



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Did someone awaken Senate Majority Leader Reid?

Or did someone hypnotize him?

Will President Obama hear him? Will Secretary Kerry? Will they listen? Or will love for the Muslim Brotherhood and its friends in Iran, Qatar and Turkey prevail?

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Kerry stumbles again


Are Secretary Kerry’s “stumbles” intentional, in hopes that he will fall on Israel and break her back, her will or both?

Assuming arguendo that Kerry intends to help rather than to hurt Israel, his “stumbles” demonstrate a level of egregious incompetence such that Israel must decline his “assistance.” Fortunately, she appears to be doing so to an increasing degree.

President Obama is Secretary Kerry’s boss. It is reasonable to assume — to the extent that President Obama is aware of what’s happening — that He approves of Kerry’s stumbles, whether intentional or inadvertent. It is also reasonable to assume in that circumstance that He approves of their consequences.

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Kerry stumbles again, Israel Hayom, Prof. Ron Breiman, July 28, 2014

(Regardless of whether Hamas, et al, are insane, they are rationally pursuing courses that can lead to the demise of Israel. That, as they acknowledge, is what they want. Israel objects. The Obama Administration? What it wants is not entirely clear, but to the extent that it is aligned with Hamas, et al, it is not unreasonable to assume that their goals are similar. Please see also Obama’s peace processors: Brotherhood love — DM)

Kerry expects both sides in Gaza to show sanity, which is to say he is putting Israel and a terrorist organization on an equal plane, as if they are two countries, rather than a victim and an aggressor.

Like a blind person groping for the ladder to climb down from the roof but instead falling down the chimney, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the government he…

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Obama’s peace processors: Brotherhood love


For Israel to yield to demands by a principal advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood and other terror organizations – President Obama – would be foolhardy. The Brotherhood, like Iran, Qatar and Turkey, is a supporter of Hamas and its allied terror groups in Gaza that seek the elimination of Israel, the only reasonably free and democratic nation in the region. Judaism and freedom combined with democracy are anathemas to them.

PM Netanyahu has generally resisted thus far and seems to be doing so to a greater degree as President Obama’s anti-Israel alliances and goals become even more clear.

PM Netanyahu must continue doing what is best for his country, Israel, rather than for President Obama and His friends. It is better to be alive and despised than to be dead and liked.

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Obama’s peace processors: Brotherhood love, Israel Hayom, Richard Baehr, July 28, 2014

Much as Obama facilitated a more prominent role for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and welcomed its subsequent electoral victory there, its cozy relations with Turkey and Qatar, Hamas’ closest allies, show how far American policy has shifted in the region. Nations that are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood are America’s favorites. This new approach mirrors the American attempt over five years to begin a new strategic relationship with Iran that will enable that regime to continue to process uranium, and to get sanctions relief in exchange for sacrificing nothing from its nuclear program that cannot be quickly reversed.

The American administration has discovered new peace partners (the “neutral parties”) to help end the Gaza conflict: Turkey and Qatar. Egypt is not on the list (though it was thrown a bone by being nominated to host cease-fire…

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Abbas fumes at Kerry over alternative ceasefire bid


Abbas, the titular head (presently) of the Palestinian Authority, is miffed that Secretary Kerry

(a) managed to scuttle the Egyptian cease-fire-and-then-negotiate plan and

(b) that the PA was excluded from subsequent negotiations over the Gaza – Israel conflict.

The plan presented for those negotiations was based on one proposed by Hamas’ friend Qatar and rejected by Israel. Egypt was also excluded, as of course was Israel.

The international community of chefs evidently need to decide which cuts of meat each wants to carve from Israel, and to a lesser extent from Egypt, before inviting them to the barbecue and trying to proceed accordingly.

Does Kerry realize that he is unwittingly helping Israel to finish her job in Gaza by ensuring that no proposal acceptable to Israel will be presented? Probably not.

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Abbas fumes at Kerry over alternative ceasefire bid, Times of IsraelElhanan Miller, July 27, 2014

(Why didn’t Secretary Kerry bring Iran into the negotiations on how best to screw Israel? Surely, Iran could have made many helpful suggestions. — DM)

PA president believes the US secretary of state has ‘subjected Palestinian blood to regional power struggles,’ Palestinian official tells Arab daily.

F140723IR01-635x357KerryAbbasUS Secretary of State John Kerry (left) speaks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (right), on Wednesday, July 23, 2014. (photo credit: Issam Rimawi/Flash90)

The Palestinian Authority is fuming at US Secretary of State John Kerry, accusing him of trying to undermine the Egyptian ceasefire initiative endorsed by Israel and the PA last week and rejected by Hamas, an Arab daily reported on Sunday.

Palestinian sources told the London-based A-Sharq Al-Awsat that Kerry had initially agreed to an Egyptian proposal for an immediate ceasefire followed by…

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