We must end senseless Muslim murders, Insha’Allah!

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Guest Article: Sheik Mohamed ali-Bama is a well known Islamic scholar, humanitarian, redistributionist and the National Chairman of the Council on Islamic-Kafir Relations (CIKR). Here are his common sense insights into the December 2nd terrorist murders of the innocent, peace-loving Muslim parents of a sweet little baby girl in California.


We must immediately pass new laws against senseless murder. Those laws must affirm and support our free exercise of Holy Islam and our right to bear arms in doing so.

All Kafir states currently have Islamophobic laws against murder, assault and rape. It is the religious duty of all devout Muslims to ignore such discriminatory laws and to demand that new, Sharia-compliant, laws be enacted to replace them. Unlike the current laws, our new laws must enhance our nation’s multicultural history, and indeed heritage, by criminalizing all actions neither commanded nor approved by the Holy Quran, the Hadith and Sharia Law. We will abide only by such laws.

#MuslimLivesMatter! There must be no more extrajudicial executions of innocent Muslims, as happened in San Bernardino, California on December 2nd. Anyone reasonably suspected of engaging in unlawful terrorist activity must be taken, promptly and courteously, before a Sharia court so that his actions can be evaluated expeditiously and justly.

To reduce the burdens otherwise imposed on Sharia courts by Islamophobic law enforcement officers, they must be instructed that Muslims do not engage in terrorist activities. We merely exercise our rights to bear arms under the Second Amendment in pursuit of our free exercise of religion under the First Amendment. That is not only not terrorism, it is commanded by the Constitution and is our sacred religious duty as true Muslims. We of CIKR stand ready to provide proper instruction.

Failure to implement these simple, common-sense measures would result in the continued senseless killing of innocent Muslims as happened in California on December 2nd, a day which shall make December 7, 1941 pale in comparison as a day which shall live in infamy. Such a failure would further disgrace not only our racist, Islamophobic and xenophobic law enforcement agencies but our nation as a whole. How many more innocent babies of loving Muslim parents are we willing to see senselessly orphaned? We of CIKR intend, jointly, to adopt the recently orphaned infant girl left without parents by the brutal Islamophobic murder of her’s, and to ensure that she is raised as a proper Muslim, fully submissive to Holy Islam and therefore to us.

My organization, CIKR, is delighted that President Obama has asked us to implement and oversee the crucial tasks before our nation. We will do our best, InshaAllah! 

Editor’s comments

Sheik ali-Bama’s reflections show that he is on the right Obama side of history, as we march down the difficult but common sense path He and His brilliant Attorney General have set for us.

Allah willing, we will soon have many more peaceful Muslims with whom to share our bounties as they share with us the undeniable wisdom of Islam.

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5 Responses to We must end senseless Muslim murders, Insha’Allah!

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  2. keeping Muslims kept out is what needed but of course Obama will not do that. Muslims are likened to water coming in a busted hull of a ship, but Obama is in denial saying: The ship is not sinking as the nation sinks deeper and deeper into shooting chaos. Obama like the Home alone kid puts his hands on his face saying: how did that happen? People shout. You did not listen to us that is why what happened, happened. Obama feigns deafness’ saying: what, what did you say? I heard something, but I cannot make it out.

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