Phrases about Islamist Terrorism that won’t Offend Anyone Important

Obama, His Department of Homeland Security, CAIR and His many other collaborators colleagues have tried really hard not to offend Islamists when talking about Islamist terror. Ditto the lamebrain mainstream media. They need more variety, so here are just a few politically correct suggestions for appropriate phrases guaranteed not to offend anyone important.

Church violence — for use when Islamists burn or otherwise attack a church.

Synagogue violence — as above, but when they burn or otherwise attack a synagogue.

Christian violence – broader than church violence, but otherwise about the same.

Jewish violence — Broader than synagogue violence, but otherwise about the same.

Homosexual violence — for use when Islamists kill homosexuals.

Gun violence — for use when Muslims use guns to attack homosexuals, Christians, Jews or other non-Muslims.

Knife violence — same as for gun violence, except it applies only when knives are used.

Violent rhetoric — applies only to whatever Donald Trump says.

Hate speech — applies to anything linking the Quran, the Hadith, Sharia Law, other Islamic texts, CAIR or other Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups to violence.

Great speech! –applies to anything about Islamism said by Obama,  Hillary or a CAIR spokesperson.

Peaceful Muslims — applies to all Muslims who haven’t yet behaved violently toward non-Muslims personally.

Racist incitement — Any derogatory remarks about Islamists, even though Islam is not a race.

Racism — see Racist incitement.

Men of God — Imams.

Not Islamic — applies to any violent, criminal or otherwise antisocial act committed by a Muslim.

That’s just a sample. Any sane person could suggest more.

Now, for your further entertainment, here’s a beautiful vocal rendition by the Muslim Brotherhood Trio:

Critical Update:

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6 Responses to Phrases about Islamist Terrorism that won’t Offend Anyone Important

  1. Tom Carter says:

    Funny, and mostly true.

  2. Ruvy Kossover says:

    And Dan, this is just for you to see – Enjoy!

  3. Ruvy Kossover says:

    I was going to just let this go until I saw Caroline Glick’s Latma video. I couldn’t resist. Finally I find out – from loudmouths like Alex Jones – that Ahmadinejad and his Saudi counterparts have had nuclear bombs since 2006, when I was still screaming my lungs out on Blogcritics Magazine. The land of our birth is in a sorry state, Dan. There MAY be elections. If there are, they will likely be fixed so that the Clinton bitch gets in. Even poor Caroline Glick sounds like a worn out repeating record, trying to not excoriate her former boss, Netanyahu, while sounding the proper tones of warning of disaster.

    Regards from Samaria,

    PS – The terrorist crossed the street so he could go KABOOM! AND THEN HE DID.

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  5. Q. Why did the jihadi cross the road?
    A. To get to the other KABOOM !!

    Three jihadis walk into a bar…..bartender says,”What’ll it be,boys?….1st jihadi says,”We’ll have 3 KABOOM !!

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